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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith


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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

posted by TXGoalie (LEWISVILLE, TX) Aug 28, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

I was very excited about playing this game.

I consider myself to be a big fan of Aerosmith, but right out of the gate I didn't like this game.

It forces you to play through some pretty sucky and non-fun songs before you can play any of the Aerosmith songs.

Almost all of the non-Aerosmith songs pretty much sucked.

Add insult to injury almost all of the Aerosmith songs were ones I did not like either.

To give you an idea of my preferences here are the Aerosmith songs that were on there that I liked:

Sweet Emotion
Living on the edge
Love in an elevator
Back in the saddle
Dream on
Walk this way

The non-Aerosmith songs just were blah.

I literally put this back in the mail the same day I got it.

I put GHIII back in and had loads more fun.

I do not like all of the GHIII songs but at least they were still fun to play songs.

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Looking for something new? Don't look here.

posted by VegasRiv (LAS VEGAS, NV) Aug 22, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

When I played the very first guitar hero, I was amazed at the game, it's simplicity, the replay value, and the fun in general.
This newest incarnation of this title brings nothing new to this stale, overused game.
Each time this game is released, with its new track list and minor new tweaks, I have high hopes that they can somehow make the game better, but the play list is all that's ever really 'new' with this game.
Guitar Hero Aerosmith is no exception to this rule. Sure, the songs are fresh and so are the animations of Aerosmith themselves, but that's it.
The backgrounds (venues) in this game look rushed, not completed and just plain cruddy in general. The encore songs that used to make something special occur, in this game, merely make a poorly rendered jet fly over the venue or something equally as meaningless.
The songs, while covering a great deal of Aerosmith'
s history, leave you with the feeling like they have left out half of the band's songbook.
In short..RENT this game if you've never played Guitar Hero ever before, you'll dig it, but if you've played them all..You'd better wait until something new besides 'guitar battle' mode gets added to help this title along.

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Sub-par entry into the Guitar Hero franchise

posted by Plopmaster (SALEM, OR) Aug 7, 2008

Member since Nov 2004

For a game that is supposed to feature Aerosmith, they sure picked a bunch of key-rappy, obscure songs. Just like the last installment I played of this franchise, the game was ruined for me by an unbeatable duel against a guitar "legend". This game is good for abut 5 hours of play then it gets extremely boring.

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