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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith


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GH and Aerosmith Fans can Walk This Way

posted by EpykTerp (COLLEGE PARK, MD) Jun 29, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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To clear something up, GH: Aerosmith (GHA) is NOT the next big game in the the GH series, it's more of a filler between GH3: Legends of Rock and GH: World Tour (scheduled to release 10/28/2008).

That being said, GHA does exactly what it set out to do: it gives Guitar Hero enthusiasts a batch of great songs to play, and gives Aerosmith lovers the chance to shred onstage with their favorite band.

GHA runs on the GH3 engine (it looks and feels the same), but with some new features. You'll be able to jam in a variety of Aerosmith-inspired venues, and, most importantly, take the stage as Joe Perry (Aerosmith's lead guitarist), shredding your heart out as a cartoony, shirtless Steven Tyler belts "Dream On" to a roaring crowd.

The songlist includes 41 songs in total, which include 25 Aerosmith songs, and 4 written and performed by Joe Perry. The rest are songs from big names of the Aerosmith era, such as The Clash and Stone Temple Pilots.

GHA is noticeably easier than its predecessors. If you had a tough time getting through career mode in GH3, you're in luck, as GHA seemed much less difficult on every difficulty.

The only notable flaw in GHA is the lack of a co-op career mode, which I had a LOT of fun with in GH3. You can still play with a friend in co-op or versus, just without the story.

If you liked GH3, and don't despise Aerosmith, pick this one up, you won't be disappointed. If you didn't like GH3, or if you hate Aerosmith, leave this one on the shelf.

If you haven't played GH3, please, come out from that rock you're living under.

Happy Shredding,

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Don't waste your time and just get Rockband 2

posted by gravity257 (SEATTLE, WA) Oct 15, 2008

Member since Mar 2006

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

After Guitar Hero 2, 3, Rock Band, and Rock Band 2, I had much higher expectations for this game. I'm no Guitar hero (I can barely beat hard on GH3) and I made it all the way through the game on hard in under 3 hours with no scores under 95%.

If you like Areosmith, I'd say rent the game for that reason, but if you aren't and Aerosmith fan, don't waste your time and just go get Rock Band 2.

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Good rental

posted by rogerdoger (VOLO, IL) Oct 7, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

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This game is a good rental, certainly not one to buy imo. Much easier than GH2 and GH3. The video spliced in from Aerosmith is kinda interesting and a nice addition.

Not a big fan of Aerosmith myself, but if you like the guitar hero type game this is worth the rental. Obviously if you like Aerosmith this is really worth the rental.

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