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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith


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Nothing New

posted by chileanboy (SIGNAL HILL, CA) Jan 20, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

There is absolutely nothing new or impressive about this game. If you have played guitar hero 3, then you wont be missing anthing.
PLUS, the choice of songs is HORRIBLE!!!!
The only "good" song on it was PINK, and it wasnt even in gameplay, as you have to buy it at the vault.

What about songs like,

"I dont want to miss a thing"
"Just push play"
"Girls of Summer"
"Fly away from here"
"Janie's Got A Gun"


that is just OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

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Guitar Hero: Very Little Aerosmith

posted by Bannon9k (BATON ROUGE, LA) Nov 3, 2008

Member since Mar 2007

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You'd have to be a hardcore aerosmith fan to enjoy this game. And even then you'd be disappointed. First off, only 18 out of the 31 tracks are Aerosmith songs. The rest are mostly garbage songs that have to be played on easy so you can stumble your way through them while not paying attention.

Once you finally get to some Aerosmith songs you realize they only used a couple of their really good songs. The rest would require a large sum of narcotics to enjoy.

Over all, skip this title.

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Do you really think aero-smith needs more money!?

posted by JoAnWalnut (PUEBLO, CO) Oct 4, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

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I am honestly saddened to see that this formula of "lets pump out the same game repetitively and create minor tweaks to the content" is so widely accepted with little or no question. Now forget that I'm an honest musician who plays guitar, bass, and drums along with a multitude of other instruments. This game is in the same vein as DDR, and its pathetic that people feel like "Rock Stars" for being able to play games like this flawlessly. A person will go out and buy this guy. Fine. Then they buy all the extra peripherals for it, hundreds of dollars in equipment often times. But the point where somebody brags (honestly BRAGS TO ME) about how good they are at this game? Its NOTHING like playing an instrument. You hit five buttons repetitively, strum a little toggle switch and (most impressive of all) tilt the neck up at a slight angle to get "star power". I've played the game on expert, and in a fairly simple song mostly comprised of power chords, the screen breaks out into a blazing solo through the entirety of the song. Wow, that's really.. well, freaking lame man. I hate to have to dumb it down this much, but apparently I'm required to every time I speak to anybody of this game to touch base on any level. The only appeal of these games is they can be played by any, including toddlers with incredible ease. The draw back is you invest intense amounts of time and money into something that could be mastered by an elderly woman with cerebral palsy within a day or so. Why not go to your local music store and get a real guitar, or for that matter ANY instrument? Because most people are too lethargic to invest the energy into any skill worth while other than those they already know and understand these days. I love games, especially games requiring actual skill and reflex. This isn't one, so I must iterate. SHAME ON YOU IF YOU ENDORSE THIS MONOTONOUS DRIVEL. And trust my word when I say if this continues, original gaming is dead. Now go sell this and buy a guitar you drone

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