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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith


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Not what I expected

posted by Kynlore (LEDYARD, CT) Nov 4, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

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Maybe I should have expected a rehash of GH3, because that's what I got. There weren't enough of my favorite Aerosmith songs in there to make me play it more than once through. After one career play I was done. I sent it back the day after I got it. First time I've done that.

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Guitar Hero 3 Expansion

posted by Okiegeek (AGRA, OK) Jul 1, 2008

Member since Oct 2006

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First off I am very disappointed with this game because I bought it. Don't get me wrong this would be an O.K. title to rent. As I do in all my reviews I will list the Pro's and Con's of this game and a summary

Pro's: The game looks fresh and new on the menu. Aerosmith does interviews throughout the whole career mode (very descriptive and sometimes even funny). There is a nice array of Aerosmith tracks ranging from Dream On to Pink. Very few new guitars but alot of new finishes for them. Quite a bit easier than the 3rd installment (could be good or bad)

Con's: Definitely not a game to buy (I mean seriously Activision could have sold an online expansion pack for GH3 and charged 10 dollars for it). Nothing changed with the physics, graphics, online modes, or scoring system. Only 31 songs in the actual set list (over half of them being aerosmith). The fact that for every tier of career mode you have to play 2 sometimes even 3 aerosmith songs in order to progress (gets incredibly repetitive, Aerosmith has never been recognized for their variety of music, most of the songs sound identical except for some variation in lyrics.) I played through the whole career mode on hard and made 5 stars on each song excluding one. I haven't even beat GH3 on Hard. Activision really underachieves with this game and lost respect from me due to the fact that I bought it thinking it was an all new game. I see no downloadable content whatsoever. There isn't even a Xbox Live page for this game. I don't know if they plan on incorporating it later or what.

Summary: Overall this game would make a good rent for the Guitar Hero fans but definitely not one to purchase. I believe that the producers of this game could have sold it online as a 15$ expansion pack for GH3. Also thoroughly disappointed in the variety of music they have. If you don't like classic rock then you might not even want to rent this game. I still can't believe I paid 60$ for this expansion.

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not as cool as i was hoping.

posted by pauly37 (SULPHUR, OK) Jun 29, 2008

Member since Mar 2006

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being a fan of aerosmith and guitar hero i had high hopes for this one, guess i set my hopes to high.
first thing is if you`ve played gh3 , you`ll know exactly what to expect. the graphics and presentation are exactly the same , which is no bad thing.
the problem i had with it was ,1. the set list(not the aerosmith tracks, pretty much all their good ones are in it)its the other bands tracks or the other bands themselves, cheap trick ?? mott the hoople ?? the clash, great band , loved the clash as a kid growing up in england in my punk days, just seemed a weird choice of track .i can get past the weird bands and odd tracks , my main gripe is the longevity, just over 40 tracks , only 31 in career.i`m no gh pro trust me, on the hard difficulty i can get to the last episode on gh2and the final 2 episodes on gh3 before i get into any kind of trouble. this game i finished career on hard first attempt , no it`s definately easier than the previous 2.
overall i just felt like this game felt more like an extended demo, much like gt5 prologue, it seems more a filler until the real thing arrives.i`m still debating on whether it was worth the 65 bucks i paid for it.i would advise if you have the guitar then rent, if not buy gh3 with guitar then rent this .

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