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GF Rating


Better every year

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Sep 3, 2009

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Guitar Hero has really evolved, and those years have really made this game pretty good. This year some new things are competitive mode, which you have to play with multiple people, local or live, and you can do some new game modes like rockfest, pro faceoff, and band quickplay, and then some others. But the new one there is rockfest, and this is what is the focal point of this game. In rockfest there are game modes like momentum (Difficulty will change mid song depending on performance), Streaker (Get points for long streaks), and a bunch others. And by the way, Momentum is really cool. The music studio thing is better this year and is simplified by a lot, so its much easier to understand. The songs on this game arent very well known for the most part, but theyre really good songs. And a nice feature in this game is if you bought World Tour and you still have it, you can transfer them to Guitar Hero 5 for free. Just go to import songs and type in the code on the back of the World Tour's manual. Emphasis to World Tour's Manual, not GH5's manual. And for a last note for drummers, i am having a lot of trouble getting used to this game drumming whise, so please be patient and dont hurt somebody with your drum sticks. Try this game out today!

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Probably the best in th series

posted by PlasmaCell (SPRING, TX) Aug 31, 2009

Member since Aug 2003

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I own all Rock Band games and Guitar Hero games, and this is probably the best in the GH series. Tweaked gameplay, new modes, a great setlist, some nice backwards compatibility and an overhauled GH Tunes. Not sure why all the hate out there for the GH series, but if you're a fan of the music rhythm genera then you shouldn't hesitate to pick this one up.

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Its still no Rock Band, but its better than before

posted by NathanMIx (ROSWELL, GA) Sep 2, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

6 out of 11 gamers (55%) found this review helpful

GH5 did make a lot of changes...but...face it....its still Guitar Hero...Although we wish it could look as good as Rock Band and feel as good as Rock Band, I dont think it ever will. GH5 has a way better set list than last time, but still has a majority of boring songs, up to the "OMG THATS NOT EVEN POSSIBLE!! WHY WOULD THEY PUT THAT IN A GAME!?!?!" (GH tends to do that...). This game is better than I expected it to be, but not much better. One thing I like is that they changed the crash symbol on Rock Band drums from blue to green, it makes it a lot easier.

If you're a GH fan, you might want to buy it. if you like Rock Band (A.K.A. - Me) they just rent it if you want to give it a try, dont be a fanboy who is blinded by thier tardedness.

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