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Guitar Hero 5

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just ok

posted by tntjnj (MANTECA, CA) Oct 28, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

It was just ok... I'm in my 40's and the songs were 'old'.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Guiter Hero 5

posted by JasonM2012 (BROWNWOOD, TX) Oct 27, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

I'm quite sorry but, I'm going to have to disagree with everyone. When I'm in the mood to play Guitar hero, I'm looking for songs with difficult solos, great artists, and songs that just get you in the mode! I have found none of these in this game. To me this game is absolutely horrible. It's GUITAR HERO, not alternative bull krap music. I have yet to see a song by an artist I know of that is amazing! This game is an absolute disappointment and a great example of why not to rush a game out onto the market. Guitar Hero 5 shouldn't even be compared to world tour by you people. where's ozzy osbourne, and all the other good artists???, definitely not in this fail of a game. I rate it a 2/10, not a 1/10 because it's at least playable but come on! What a disappointment!

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GF Rating

Very Good

ROCK ON Guitar Hero!!

posted by A7X698 (HAVERHILL, MA) Oct 11, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

Activision has released it's 13th Guitar Hero, and it is pretty danm good! Argueably the best tracklist of all Guitar Hero games, Guitar Hero 5 brings the best of past Guitar Heroes withsome cool new features. In the Wii version, Mii freestyle mode is back and better than before, and the ability to connect your DS to your Wii in download play is pretty sweet.For the most part it is just like its predescesors, but the new featurers is were this Guitar Hero shines. With the all new party play mode, you and up to 8 friends can rock out to any of the songs with out worry of failing. The best part of party play mode is that no one is assinged to 1 instrument. For example, if you get tired of playing bass you can drop out and turn on your drum set and star rocking out on drums! Guitar Hero 5 isn't all sunshine. GHMix is still really hard to use, and I'm pretty sure no one has an unlimited amount of friends coming over to play party play, so it looses most its fun when you are alone. That is still no reason to forget about this game. Bonuses on songs in career mode adds more depth to it, espescally since all the songs are unlocked from the begining. Bonuses range from whammying for a certain amount of time to hitting a certain amount of snare notes. Guitar Hero 5 is a great add to the Guitar Hero franchise and is a must buy for Guitar Hero fans. Activision just has to be careful how many Guitar Heroes they release.

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