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GF Rating


Great Game!

posted by Pitboy43 (LEAVENWORTH, KS) Jun 27, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

Set list was great, with the availability of DLC songs and online play. Challenges weren't necessarily easy, and there are a couple that will throw you for a thrill. Sucks that no one plays this great game anymore though.

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GF Rating



posted by Harley9589 (DIAMOND, IL) Mar 6, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

We did not like this one. Nothing like number 3. To fast to play. It needs more songs that are good. More Rush songs on it. Slow down the pace on it.
I liked the meters on this one. But I missed the meter that told us who was winning. The beginers is neat. I was able to play but that was at times to hard. Rox.

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GF Rating


Not completely bad, but not good either.

posted by tfchronos (MORGANTON, NC) Nov 8, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

Gameplay: 3
Play each song once (which is okay with me 96% of the songs I could only stand to play once anyway) collect stars to proceed, once in a rare while you’ll see a cut scene. The challenges are a neat addition but but it's not fun if you don't like the songs.

Graphics: 6
Are better than any of the others. The create a rocker is almost the same as in the past. The clothes are all the same, might and I stress might be 2 or 3 new pieces. But overall same ol' same ol". The fret boards are also boring. It‘s the same thing for all characters unlike previous GH’s which were different.

Sound: 3
It’s only getting a 3 from me because it has Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden and 3 Doors Down on it. You can also play DLC. Other than that this set list should be balled up thrown in a rocket and shot into the sun, the guy(s) who came up with it too, they picked good bands don‘t get me wrong. They just picked bad songs.

GH Mix: 9
They really cleaned it up; they almost out did them themselves on it. I would have preferred it have more than 2 decent Metal Tones and not so many clean and old ball tones. Other than that it’s pretty good.

GHTunes however: 2
It’s like grass that never gets mowed...
It would be half way neat if 99% of it wasn't junk. All you find on there is impossible this or to hard that… GHTunes should have a "Remove it" feature where if the song gets enough of those votes it should be removed from GHTunes... That would save alot of space and let all the good ones be heard.

Lasting Appeal: 2
For me it's an epic failure the only thing that will keep me playing which is once every other week is GH: Mix and DLC. If you like most of the songs then you’ll not get board.

Overall: 3
Only because of GH: Mix and DLC, again if you like easy to play pop and alternative songs then you will love the game. I’ll just stick with playing a game that’s actually requires skill like GH: Metallica

Thanks for reading

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