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posted by ilnewsome (BEAVER FALLS, PA) Sep 9, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

6 out of 15 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

It'll take time for people to understand the new way Guitar Hero works. People get mad when things change... they don't like change! Especially Guitar Hero enthusiasts.

The game has great songs. Import most of the GH:World Tour songs, Import most of the GH: Smash Hits songs (on the 10th for PS3), Import all your other downloads. Plus import support for ALL future Guitar Heros so GH:VH should be an import and Band Hero is already a confirmed import so all you people bitching about the set list will get your pop and over commercialized music in there, too.

Real people who matter are giving this game 4.5/5 and 9/10 for it's new modes, new competitive game modes, and just making getting online and playing really fun, new, and easy. I also like how you save your band mates now and all the opportunities to get score multiplyers of up to x11. if you get Band Moment, all band members activate star power at the same time, and you have a streak. WOW! and you Six star songs if you get all the notes. 100% and full streak is worth an extra star. The add on characters like Kurt Cobain and Carlos Santana are nice. The new calibration system is neat once I figured it out. You can make and save your own playlists unlimitedly, and you can turn on the game and be playing within 30 seconds because the game boots straight into Party Play mode, so you grab your instrument and press Square/Yellow and a song loads right up, or you can pull out a setlist you made. Keep is rolling and if someone wants to join they grab the instrument they want, hit square/yellow and join right in also! No interruptions of any kind.

DLC looks promising for this new generation of GH too, with the first pack being Rolling Stones and not a European one. The note highway is now uniform same color that's easy to see notes on, no matter what instrument you may be playing. Overall, amazing! I play it more than RB2 now because it's truly better, and after importing have over 300 songs on the game!

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Guitar Hero's hero!!

posted by gamer301 (CLAYTON, NY) Sep 21, 2009

Top Reviewer

Member since Mar 2008

4 out of 10 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

I just bought this game for my Dad for his birthday, and was really hoping its was good. I was a little worried due to all the bad reviews given by other players, but was also encouraged by the good critic reviews, so I really wasn't sure what to expect. Turns out, it is awesome!! Graphics are the best for any Guitar Hero game thus far! The character design is top notch and the improved guitar is really cool.
I actually, really like the song list; it's really good in my eyes. There are several good songs I actually have on my iPod and other songs I'm new too. All songs are upbeat and fun to play. The genres of the songs are all over the place, but all provide good songs.
The guitar is also awesome. It comes with improved whammy, and fret board. It also comes with a cool little feature called the Slider which is really cool.

Pros: Amazing graphics, sick character and instrument design. Song list is actually really good, stages are cool. The new guitar adds new and welcome additions.

Cons: If you don't have the guitar, there are some road blocks that can make you fail a song. Not compatible with Rock Band controllers.

I totally recommend this game to any fan of Rock band or Guitar Hero. But I would advise a purchase of the guitar, at least.

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Got Boring Really Fast and Awful song selection

posted by GWARRRRRR (CASTRO VALLEY, CA) Sep 4, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

5 out of 13 gamers (38%) found this review helpful

I was excited when I saw Gamefly sent me Guitar Hero 5, being a fan of previous GH's, I had high expectations for it because of the large amount of songs.

I never looked up ahead of time to see what songs were on it because I like to be suprise, and boy was I suprised at how terrible the songs are. I mean there are seriously songs on here that do nothing but the same rhythm and buttons the whole song. WHATS THE FUN IN THAT. I mean Scars on Broadway? Gorillaz? Terrible!

GH is supposed to let you play great instrumental songs, and instead we get this. There are some good songs, but 5/150 is not good. haha.

Glad I didnt pay $60 for it. Sent it back the next day.

Oh well maybe next time

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