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GF Rating

Very Good

Better than World Tour but very repetitive

posted by hardtosayx (COATESVILLE, PA) Oct 29, 2009

Member since Nov 2007

This is the first GH game I've gotten and didn't have to use the calibration before playing, or have to stop to do so. So that alone is good. But I feel like some of the songs are very repetitive, meaning you play the same cords throughout the song. 'Under Pressure' is one of those songs, along with others. It's kinda like they don't put much work into finding better songs, and get away with it.

Music choice is eh. Still lots of songs that are basically from unknown artists or not very big artists. Scars On Broadway for example. Again with lots of older songs. David Bowie, Wild Cherry, Bruce Springsteen, etc. Sure lots of people like to play those types of songs, but for people like me. It gets old. I'd like to hear some newer music, or at least from 90s+ and there's not much of that.

Reusing songs, like 'Ex-Girlfriend' which you can buy for Rock Band. What's the point?

Overall I like the game, it's decent. I won't be buying it. I'll rent it until I'm finished with it.

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GF Rating


Here it is! Guitar Hero 552. I mean...5

posted by D3athBySex (MIAMI, FL) Oct 25, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

Saw one and two were great movies. They were well written and had you on the edge waiting to see what came next. Then three and four came along. By now the gimmick was waning but still kinda cool. Now at six i could really care less and the series needs to stop. It and those money hungry cash cow makers who created it should be locked in a room with nothing but a noose and a radio playing "Pass the Dutchie" on repeat for life. Well that little story can pretty much add up my feeling for the latest GH game.
Once more Activision hopes and prays that people will fall for their little money traps and buy another installment of this series. They gave us World Tour with its dismal DLC and forgetful line up (French songs....really!!). So instead of working to get better songs, they simply forgot about it and came out with another almost exact formula game, with just about as bad a line up....and I am not even going to hope for better DLC, because as of today...the content for WT still sucks.
Except for some snazzy little features that really add nothing groundbreaking or majorly affecting the game-play whatsoever, this is the same lame that we have already seen in the other 80 GH games Activision has shelled out...leading me to believe that they are more interested in taking your money than actually sticking to a good formula and making it last by adding more DLC.
Rockband has 3 games.....three...and the formula is what did they do? Add a buttload of DLC so that we can enjoy more songs (even full albums) without having to dish out another 65 bucks for another game. That, to me, is product longevity and interest for the benefit of the customer.
My conclusion is that if you have yet to play any of these games, you should pass this up and get RB2 with its plethora of DLC, because I can already smell GH:VI in the works

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GF Rating

Above Average

Good for GH players, not for RB players

posted by someguy235 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Oct 5, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

First off let me say that I am a Rock Band fan. I own RB2 and a bunch of DLC for it, and own none of the GH games (although I've played them all since GH1). Having said that: I did not like Guitar Hero 5 very much.

The gameplay is solid, and there are some very nice features added. The graphics are better, but as a Rock Band player they were jarring, and the note highway is still hideous ;) But, it's mostly about the song library right? There are a few good songs here, but not very many. If you are importing your other GH games and will be able to carry these songs forward, then you could view GH5 as a patch with some DLC. Otherwise, I don't think it stands on its own very well, and I don't think it's going to win many converts.

Basically: If you are into the GH franchise, check it out. Otherwise, probably skip it.

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