Rent Guilty Gear X2 #Reload for Xbox
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Guilty Gear X2 #Reload

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Gameplay Controls

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload

GamePlay: For complete gameplay and menu information, check the In-game Manual.

Directional Pad Up = Straight Up Jump. Up + Diagonal Right = Forward Jump. Right = Forward. Down = Crouch. Left = Backward. Up + Diagonal Left = Backwards Jump. Press Directional Pad in Direction Opposite Your Opponent to Guard Against Attacks. Press Directional Pad Twice in Direction of Opponent = Dash. Press Directional Pad Twice in Direction Opposite Your Opponent = Backstep.
A Button Kick. Accept Menu Selection.
B Button Heavy Slash. Cancel Menu Selection.
X Button Punch
Y Button Slash
White Button Memory Button Used in Training Mode. Can Be Used to Select Ex Characters.
Black Button Background Select
Left Trigger Taunting and Attacking Honor. Press Directional Pad Left to Taunt Opponent. Left Trigger + Directional Pad Towards Opponent = Attack Opponent's Honor.
Right Trigger Dust
Start Pause
Back Cancel Character Selection

Combo #1 Dust Button + Any Attack Button = Psych Burst
Combo #2 Directional Button Up During Jumps = Two-Level Jumps
Combo #3 Directional Pad Up + Directional Pad Down = High Jump
Combo #4 Directional Pad Right + Attack Button = Forward Thurst Attack
Combo #5 During Guard, Press Directional Pad Right + Any 2 Attrack Buttons (Except Dust Button) = Dead Angle Attack
Combo #6 Press Dust Button While Stnading = Dust Attack
Combo #7 Press Dust Button While Crouching = Sweep
Combo #8 Press Any Attack Button While Down = Recovery
Combo #9 Press Directional Pad Left or Right + Heavy Slash While Near Opponent, on the Ground, or Mid-Air = Throw Opponent
Combo #10 Gatling Combos: Create a combo out of a series of normal moves launching a second move as soon as your opponent is hit with your first attack.
Combo #11 Overdrive Attacks: Different for each character. For Overdrive Attack, see Character Introductions. For Faultless Defense, press Punch and Kick Buttons simultaneously while guarding. for Dead Angle Attack, after you have guarded, press any 2 Attack Buttons (except Dust Button) simultaneously, while pressing Directional Pad Right. For Roman Cancel, press and 3 Attack Buttons (except Dust Button), simultaneously while performing an attack.
Combo #12 Instant Kills: Press four Attack Buttons (except Dust Button) simultaneously, then enter special character commands.