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Guilty Gear X2 #Reload

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Button smashers beware

posted by Conor1061 (ORMOND BEACH, FL) Jul 24, 2008

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A saving grace after the uninspiring Isuka, the xbox remake of the heavy metal driving Guilty Gear XX for the ps2 is a sight to behold, whether you are playing or not.

Gameplay: Most important thing is, does it play well? Yes. The system is very well balanced requiring careful attention, anyone who's played against a person or computer on any difficulty other than "beginner" can tell you a button smasher will be countered combo'd and ko'd.
First off, the four "face" buttons perform a type of attack, punch kick slash and heavy slash, the directions alter these so you have around 16 basic attacks, most characters having 8 specials 2 supers and 1 instant kill move that's hard to use but can instantly win a fight. 27 moves. Doesn't sound like a lot? Well factor in aerial countering crouching and the "dust combo" system, it stays fresh for a good 45 minutes per character. And you can always pick it up in an hour and it will feel fresh again.
The "dust combo" is when you use a dust attack, you launch your opponent into the air, opening him up to a massive air combo.

Graphics: Beautiful 2d sprites over an eye catching 2d background. It just looks nice. Every attack is fluid, no framerate slowdown, It's just a nice looking game, very vivid.

Music: The whole game is fleshed out with a heavy metal soundtrack, it compliments the fighting.

Sound: Everything sounds average, slightly lacking here, all the voice acting is in Japanese.
Attacks make a sort of squishing sound, the best part is the narrator yelling at you "COUNTER"

Final verdict: Very nice fighting game, highly recommended, a perfect gameplay experiance. one thing, online is dead, no players sadly. Heard it was good while it lasted, so if you ever find a match, enjoy. Also it's back compatible.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Guilty Gear X2 # Reload...whatever.

posted by Matt01 (CATONSVILLE, MD) Jul 7, 2006

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This game was pretty dang awesome. I played it at a friends house the first time. At first I hated it cause it was 2-D and it was hard. Then I got the moves down and I started to really like the smooth 2-d worlds. THe fighting is pretty deep and its fast and furious. Its got a nice sountrack full of explosive heavy metal to get your blood boiling and tons of amazing detailed moves and skills. This game is super cool and I think any one will like it who can do down-forward combos!
Otherwise, you will hate it...

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GF Rating


Beat Down City

posted by OKRecords (ASHBURN, VA) Dec 31, 2007

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Can anyone even beat this game? Even on the easiest setting the AI will smash you into the ground. It's way too hard to be enjoyable.

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