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More of the same, but still good.

posted by Molecule1 (WARREN, OH) Sep 21, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

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The 2-D fighting genre is a dying breed that tries too hard to entertain the masses, save for the die-hard fans. Street Fighter is long gone and with it went the originality of 2-D fighters, spawning cheap knock offs like Marvel vs Capcom. But all is not lost in the garden of Guilty Gear. While nowhere near innovative, this game is certainly worth playing for fans of the series. The addition of new characters and new modes like Guilty Gear Boost (which is more like a side scroll fighter) keep this installment from suffering the fate of mediocrity that a great deal of sequels endure.

This game plays exactly like the other Gear titles with all of the button mashing combos you would expect from previous installments, and while the face buttons act the same way, the addition of a second fighting plane means that you will have to use the shoulder buttons to face your opponent and move between background and foreground. Yes that's right, you need to actually push a button to face your opponent if you jump over him/her. It can be frustrating at first, but you get used to it after a while. That single feature is the biggest complaint I can lodge with this title.

The graphics are essentially the same as before, with a little more polished look to them. The anime style of art and rendering (which happens to be the hallmark for this series) is back in full force. If you like that sort of thing, this game is right up your alley. Fans of the series should go buy this game. For those of us that like a little more innovation and originality in their games, this game is worth a rental.

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posted by Sephyron (PRINCETON, LA) Dec 16, 2006

Member since Dec 2006

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Totally not like its predecessors.
They took away all the progress they made on the previous titles and went back to square -2 with this. Just goes to show how doing something new isn't always a good thing.
Graphics-Graphics are a mixed bag. While retaining the same unique color and anime style, each character looks like they were grabbed from the beta testing phase of development of GGX and given less moves.
Controls-Controls suck. Since they took out the use of analog sticks, you're limited to the absolutely horrible PS2 directional pad. The WORST thing, that literally takes away 4 points away from my review, is the manual turning. If it was instantenous, or if there was a way to automatically set it, it would have been okay. But it seems like everytime I actually wanted to do it, I either dashed like a moron or didn't do it at all.
Music-Music and voices are still okay. Hits are crisp and loud. Same old stuff here, can't complain with all the "changes"
Gameplay-Pretty much explained this in the controls section.
Replayability-I mean, if you actually started liking the game, there is a little bit you can do. You can make your own Robo-Ky MK2 unit with all the moves and increased parameters. Make your own broken boss character, GG style. There's an ok beat-em-up mode similar to Final Fight. They give you all your moves, but problem with that is, you have to end up using a move more than once, even in the first stage.
Overall-Terrible, simply terrible.

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Enjoy without comparing

posted by 2smart4u (NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV) Feb 26, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

First lets start by saying this is a great game. Any person who is a true fan of fighting games can appreciate the mechanics of this game. Sure it is 2d but who cares you have to remember this game was made in the late 90's and there for still rocks for is age. This game (and its subsequent titles) brings original story lines to follow, new character moves unlike some other fighting games where you can use ryu's and kens from street fighter as sub-zeros moves in mortal kombat. I have to say i love the parody's of all the characters and what they stand for, a little on the dark stalker side but with a twist for the most part. If you like playing classic games like street fighter, mortal kombat,fatal fury, samurai showdown, and can remember what it was like to actually compete in a real live tournament (not web based) this game is for you, you wont be disappointed.

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