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GF Rating


Excellent core, poorly executed

posted by headshots (COLFAX, CA) Jun 28, 2008

Member since Nov 2005

The fight mechanics, special moves, character design, and almost everything about this game was great! Unfortunately that almost was a big one and brought this game down to a 5 in my eyes. There's some super elaborate storyline going on in this game but I'm not sure even a hardcore Guilty Gear fan could figure it out. There is no tutorial, (or even a simple practice mode) so it leaves it up to you to figure out how this game works. The game's Arcade mode is the same as it's story mode, except story mode has some very confusing dialog before each fight (which brings me to my last topic) -> all the fights are exactly the same, the only differences are characters.

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GF Rating

Above Average

get old in 2 hours

posted by goudan (BELLEVUE, WA) Jun 27, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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this game will get old in about 2 hours. the game play get old after 2 hours everything about this game gets old after 2 hours. the game play it kind a sloppy and frustrating. but the characters look awesome. animations are good. audio is pretty good. this game will be good if they stuck the original guilty gear game play. but its fun if you just want to kill 2-4 hours.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Guilty Gear in a "Smash Brothers" style format

posted by KaioLegiN (UNIONDALE, NY) Sep 23, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

NICE!!! :) Guilty Gear Dust Strikers delivered decent game play for a 2d fighter similar to the Super Smash Brothers series. The level/stages were just basic ports for the various other GG games so there wasn't much new there. Only the platform style made a difference. The characters' animation retained most of their sprites along with some new animation that only true fans would have notice. The random items & the item boxes that appeared during battles made sometimes feel like a race between who got the item first at times. The story of the game was a bit absent in my POV, especially when it came to Bridget. Bridget is a boy not a girl. The boss battle, new boss Gig (new character, a weird looking digimon reject whale with multiple arms & an angel for a tail... yeh.), felt like a game of tag at times & got annoying when trying to execute moves in time for a hit. The mini games where a bit odd. Some less fun than others.

Sadly i was disappoint in the lack of mode of play. Especially the lack of a training mode. I wondered why wasn't there an adventure mode, similar to GG Judgment, a part of this package. It would have been a nice change from the platform jumping fighting, which did get old fast. Maybe I hoped for to much.

I hope maybe in the future to see another GG game for the ds again. Maybe the creators should take a page from the BLEACH ds games. Basically if you're a fan of the series like me it should fill that want to beat up some one feeling on your ds.

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