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Guilty Gear 2: Overture


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Guilty Gear, or guilty of something else

posted by Hawthorne (ARDEN, NC) Oct 23, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

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This has been one of my favorite fighting franchises on the last generation of systems and ranks up there with Soul Caliber and Dead Or Alive for me. When I heard that they were releasing a new G.G. I was really excited because I thought we were going to get a new great fighting game, but found out that it was going to be a real time strategy type thing it kinda worried me. It turns out that I was right to worry about it. I started out with high hopes for the game just because of the franchise, but when it took a good 15 minutes to do the mandatory tutorial, I had lost most of my hope. Once I got to the first level and it does another good 8-9 interruptions while attempting to hack and slash though some of the most poorly designed creatures I have seen in a long time, i mean lil round robots that look pretty much like old snes/ps1 sprites come on , I got tired of having to stop to listen to poorly written and extremely dry dialog. I will say that i does have a couple good points, the combo system really is not too bad it just takes a little getting used to in order to get the different combinations down. It also has in interesting concept on the creatures that build your force. Honestly all in all it might be a game that I would play more if we were still playing ps1 games that we know are hard to control, but in this day and age its something i really would just say rent it don't buy it till there is a big price drop, id say its worth around 20-25 bucks.

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Kept me playing

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Oct 16, 2008

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7 out of 21 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

I never played the first Guilty Gear, however ive heard some good things about it. I dont really know many people who like those kind of games though. I also know the first one was 2D and this one is 3D so if your really attached to 2D you might not like this one. The graphics are average most of the time but sometimes the graphics are not so good. I think the story mode is kind of weird sometimes and i dont really think it makes since sometimes. However I really didnt want to stop playing for some reason and i though it was kind of fun. I think in the third mission thingy it tells you how to sprint and you have to turn a lot and it just really gets annoying because its almost impossible to press "a" and turn fast enough. Another thing about the campaign is the mouths of the people move pretty good most of the time with what they say, but sometimes its off. The live for this is just average. But overall i liked this game a lot more than i though i would and i wouldnt suggest buying it, but i would suggest at least renting it.

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posted by Raytaka (PITTSBURGH, PA) Oct 22, 2008

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This game was similar to the Dynasty Warriors games with a double dose of FAIL. The battle system is flawed without an effective way to block, not only that, but the sprint system is TRASH. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. YOUR ONLY GOING TO BE DISAPPOINTED...

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