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Guilty Gear 2: Overture


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posted by tallestdav (POMONA, CA) Aug 17, 2010

Member since May 2010

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this game has great graphics and gameplay u got to have patience though other wise ya ganna be like these monkeys but trust me if u like rts and action ur ganna like this been playing it for years still enjoying it.

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A fascinating fusion of action and strategy.

posted by dmhoshi (COLUMBIA, SC) Oct 25, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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Guilty Gear 2: Overture deviates from the one-on-one Fighting game that most gamers have come to know the Guilty Gear series for. At best, we're treated to a stylishly unique hybrid of Action and Strategy gaming. At worst, we have a convoluted table-top game held hostage by an incredibly steep learning curve.

Allow me to break this down board-game style. I think that would be easiest.

Setting up the board, you'll have four main components. The first is the "Masterghost," your home base (and starting point) that must be protected from enemy assault and the destruction of which ends the game. Next is the "Master," the character you select and the piece on the board you have full control over. The "Servants" are subordinates of the Master. They may be assigned paths and destinations by the player. And then, "Ghosts" are nodes scattered around the board that may be taken by either team. Occupation of Ghosts provide makeshift bases for Masters and Servants to replenish vitals and receive status boosts.

The steep learning curve comes into effect as the player has to manage moving around the map as the Master, conjuring up Servants and giving them assignments, shopping for items and skills, and using strategy to topple his opponent -- all in real-time. That's quite a bit to manage, on top of how incredibly fast it all transpires. You have to learn to think quickly, act quicker, and improvise. Fortunately, the game has an exhaustive online help file (in the Start Menu), and a variety of missions built around helping the player understand the ins and outs of the frantic gameplay. Help yourself to downloadable replays from the Leaderboards to see some truly epic battles.

Guilty Gear 2 is one-of-a-kind experience; quite possibly the antithesis of the "mindless action game." It requires a lot of practice and patience, though. It helps to be a fan of both Action (Fighting) games and Strategy games.

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Guilty Gear 2 - What happened?

posted by DEEKON (PAWNEE, OK) Nov 5, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

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For a series that has a strong background in the 2d fighting arena this game takes a step back. Horribly. It's a cheap Dynasty Warriors knock-off that does it wrong. Guilty Gear is known for it's lightning fast game play a myriad opportunities for crazy and flash combo's. This game barely gives you 6.

The only returning characters to the fold are Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske. For those looking for a little bit of nostalgia those are the only two that will give it. There are a couple of more characters that are new and made for this game. Interesting character concepts that Aksys' is infamous for. But apart from a 6 character list that is all there is to play.

Game play is horrendous. Like I stated before, it's a cheap Dynasty Warriors knock-off, which brings shame to the Guilty Gear series and doesn't give credibility to the next game that might be brought on the next gen. It's efficient enough to pound the attack button, and while you're at it throw in a couple of jumps, to affectively beat this game. The enemies are laughable unless a "Master" shows up, then be prepared for spamming and evasive maneuvers until you can back them into a corner/wall.

Guilty Gear's first leap into the next-gen arena burns up like the Hindenburg. For a true next-gen Guilty Gear game, you might as well download Guilty Gear X#2:Reload from the Original Xbox section in the Xbox marketplace.

(This review is not the one that was originally suppose to be posted, my computer pretty much slapped me in the face and erased what I was working on at the time. So this is done hastily and not to the par that I want it. Take it what it's worth.)

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