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Good game, tough to get into

posted by Vignirsson (SANTA CRUZ, CA) Jul 7, 2007

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That is if you aren't into RTS like I am. This also ISN'T the game you are looking for if you are into high rate polys and 3D graphics! I can't stress this enough!

the 2D graphics are quite stunning, the characters themselves move as if they breathe, their mouths are synced as close as they can get and the voice acting is better than most other titles that I have heard recently. The story is interesting, a "Groundhog's Day"-esque plot, five days and then back to the beginning again, but with everything that you have already learned.

The downfall is in the play. RTS titles truly shine when on the PC with the mouse and fall short with the console controller, and this title is no different. After the fifth battle, I found the same problem that I have found with other RTS console titles, control is an issue. Sure, they compensated for selecting all like units by pushing up on the directional pad, but even that isn't completely intuitive.

The concept is basic, take units that harvest mana, bring them to your base and start to develop units that you unlock after every chapter. Each unit has their own ability, etc. If you have played any RTS at all, you know what each unit can do in general.

All in all, not a BAD title, just a flawed one. If this were a PC game, I think we wouldn't hear the end of how great this game is. If you are a hardcore RTS fan that can work with any control, this might be the title for you.

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Not your average RTS

posted by Zlash99 (AURORA, CO) Oct 30, 2007

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For those expecting an RPG, stop now and rent something else. This game is not an RPG and its been misinterpretted as such.

What this is, is a very unique and colorful RTS (real time strategy for those who dont know). Think Command and Conquer meets Harry Potter.

The basic storyline is your character is trapped in a time-loop paradox which you have to learn how to defeat and at the same time correct what is happening around you.

THE GOOD- Very vibrant game, very good dialog and none of the characters are over the top voice actors. The storyline is really awesome and finishes quite well with little room for questions like "what happened to this person". The mechanics spin up quickly through a few tutorials and gain increasingly difficult if you arent careful what you are doing.

THE BAD- Rather short for a PS2 title coming in from NIS and Vanillaware. The extra trails have no bearing on the outcome of the storyline, though they are very challenging. Also found myself often wishing the screen would back up a bit more from the characters... especially when you start pulling out Dragons and Chimeras.

THE UGLY- Ok... its and RTS and being that you do pretty much the same thing. I played this through and beat it in roughly 24 hours game time. Only on a select few stages did I actually have to do something other than create the same massive forces of Dragons and support cast to defend them. The units are a bit lopsided toward the end making even the normal stages seem "Sweet". Despite that, its not enough to take away from the game as a whole.

OVERALL- Throughly enjoyed the storyline... always liked a good sci-fi/fantasy storyline and the the rest is palatable. Definitely worth a rent.

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Very Good

Quick review: fun game to play

posted by harryjrgf (HUTTO, TX) Aug 17, 2007

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Just a quick review of the game.

Pros: great artwork, great story, good puzzle solving opportunities

Cons: levels are somewhat repetitive, battles can last 45 minutes or more

Overall: if you like a good story, or like good strategic battles, this is a good game to pick up.

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