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GF Rating


Grid 2

posted by dominator24 (JONESVILLE, VA) Jun 8, 2013

Member since Jun 2011

I like the feel of the game. The graphics are pretty good. I only have one problem with this game....... It seems as though during a race when you are side by side with another car on a straight piece of road, the AI car will intentionally swerve all the way across the road to hit your car when there is no need to. It will not let u pass cleanly on a straightaway road. This makes no sense. I can see a little beating and banging on the turns, that kinda fun. But, that is kinda stupid to swerve like that when there is no need to. Otherwise, I think the game is good.

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GF Rating

Above Average

OK Game..

posted by Talon_1G (FORT IRWIN, CA) Jun 7, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

Very arcadey , reminds me of the Cruis'in arcade game at the mall with better graphics , but fun if you can deal with the blurred backgrounds and very unusual physics of the cars and handling. .. also 800 points for online access.. Grid fans will like what they have done with the game , but if you are hardcore into Forza 4 like I am , you should try it first as the physics and gameplay will mess with your mind a little ... Overall Grid 2 has great graphics besides the blurring, pretty cool single player and very nice cars, physics are a little bogus, and online play has its ups and downs but what game doesn't ...

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GF Rating


Not bad at all but has a few tiny flaws

posted by johnnylaw21 (WADSWORTH, OH) Jun 6, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

A fan of and hardcore player of racing games I consider myself a great guide into the racing game genre from arcade style to sim style racing. Grid 2 did a fabulous job at taking care of the biggest problems in the first. The largest flaw in the first game was that almost every car was like driving on ice,the handling was just always on the edge and even the slightest tap or wheel off led to spins and crashes galore. Grid 2 has much closer to real world physics for a game that is more grounded in arcade style racing. High power rear drive cars can be tough to wrangle where front drives understeer easy and all wheel drive rides get traction fast but feel heavy like they should. Engine sounds and track noise is pretty much right on with even most tracks having a heckler pop up here and there which at first there were people yelling outside my house until I figured out it was coming from the game. The music is like most racing games,pretty much turn it way down or off,but in any good racing game the cars provide the best music with high revs and turbo blow off and tires begging for traction. The only thing lacking was in depth tuning of your car for each individual race,as well as visual upgrades were very limited for those of us who love to get crazy personalizing our rides. This lack of truly deep customization leaves you not as in love with your car as a sim game would but you can do more personalizing than most arcade racers. Online is definately a bright point with a nice variety of tracks and car levels and with the rival modes and global challenges I find myself going online to race more in this game than any racer I have played to date. While the arcade style leaves the online races to be a bit messy with a lot of careless driving and sometimes you feel like you are in a burnout game but overall you are rewarded well even if it does take quite a long time to get to a high enough tier to have a diverse stable of cars. Overall,a bit of everything racer.

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