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Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters


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Above Average

Better than expected, but short

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Jun 18, 2011

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Unlike the $300mil spent on the movie (Really Fox? You took that much of a risk on a guy best known for playing Van Wilder?), the video game you could tell was working with a tighter budget. Nothing is great, replay value is practically zero, but I did enjoy the SP action/adventure campaign even though I breezed through it in 6 hours.

The 1st thing you’ll notice is the attention to detail that went into showcasing Ryan Reynolds perfectly formed buttox. The 2nd thing is that the game is really just 1 short campaign, but the drop-in/out feature for OFFLINE co-op was nice. The 2nd player gets to be the pink faced guy, so fortunately you both can wear green spandex. Player 2 gets everything the main player 1 has, so the bonus of having another unique guy to play with is VOID. That was lame.

The levels are extremely linear and simple but you do have over a dozen cool unique moves with your Green ring where it creates things like giant gatling guns, lasers, missiles, a huge Mech, baseball bat, giant mines, giant hammers, etc. Those can be upgraded, and set to whatever buttons you want for added button mashing.

A is jump, X is light attack where you swing a giant green sword, Y is heavy and swings a large green hammer/giant fists that can launch foes in the air for added air combos. B shoots a green extended arm to grab an enemy to pull towards you. The idea is like God of War and a ton others where you have a combo meter and as you get better combos your skills advance, opening new combos, and so on. Magic has a meter which you collect glowing orbs and dealing damage to build it back up. You also have a bar for a special ability by pressing LB and RB which gives you super duper strength and unlimited magic abilities (seen in every games like this). Mix them together to get sweet 100+ hit combos.

Great for a weekend rental or to score easy achievement points, but this is one and done and a little bit of fun.

Milt Drucker

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by Strider22 (MONTROSE, WV) Jun 19, 2011

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3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

The game is really good other than the repetitiveness of the levels. It's basically just a bunch of button mashing so if your not in to that then not the greatest game. The bosses are challenging and make their sequences hard because they don't like to die. They are a little drawn out when you fight them resulting in a lot of cheap deaths. Other than that the game has a lot of cool upgrades and easy achievement points.

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GF Rating


this is about the worst game i have ever played

posted by scrapy2011 (Freedom, IN) Jul 20, 2011

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i just got this game a few days ago and i already hate it. the graphics are good, and the storyline is good too, but the game play sucks. i mean what other game have u played where u get surrounded by enemies and theres nothing u can do but let them just keep hitting u? theres no way out, i mean i cant do anything cuz as soon as they start hitting they dont stop till im dead, and i cant do anything but watch cuz the game wont let me. ive played alot of video games but this has to be about the worst game ive played yet. in 2 days ive been the maddest i have ever been in my whole life. i mean when u buy a game and u get absolutely no enjoyment out of playing it then thats pretty bad, just saying!

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