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Very Good

Well made game for Green Day fans

posted by yworob (SIGNAL HILL, CA) Jun 9, 2010

Member since Sep 2008

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I hope you don't like guitar solos. I like a lot of Green Day's music but their songs don't have a lot of variety. I especially like playing music games for the drums and I've always hated playing punk songs because they are just too fast and repetitive. They just aren't much fun to play unless you are a natural drummer because I felt wiped out after trying to play at least half of their songs on expert. Some I even had trouble with on hard difficulty which is credit to how good a drummer he is but to me I just didn't enjoy playing this game as much as most other RB and GH games. I also don't think the setup of the Rockband drumset works too well with how fast you have to play. I really enjoyed singing and the bass but the guitar was almost nothing but nonstop chords with almost no solos or fills. I give this game an 8 for being well made, you just really have to like Green Day.

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GF Rating


Once again, nice job Harmonix!

posted by shadow655 (COLCHESTER, VT) Jun 8, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

11 out of 12 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

Green Day Rock Band offers the favorite party game with plenty of Green Day songs.

The career follows the gigs and uprising of the band, and the gigs look realistic.

On the Rock Band experience, most songs are easy for guitar and bass (compared to RB2) Drums have somewhat difficult songs, but not as hard as RB2. Vocals incorperate the harmonies that were first introduced in The Beatles Rock Band. The harmonies work well and can add another fun experience to the game. The main complaint I have with this game is that it doesn't include all of the Green Day songs. It only contains a couple of albums including American Idiot. This also happened with The Beatles Rock Band where there weren't enough songs on the disc.

One cool thing is that the songs can be transported to RB1 or 2 for free if you pre-ordered it.

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GF Rating

Above Average

St. Jimmy's comin' down across the alleyway

posted by Flint879 (ALTOONA, PA) Jun 15, 2010

Member since Sep 2008

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

First off, lets get the whole "this game is for fans of Green Day" thing outta the way. That's the whole premise of band specific games. People just don't understand that thats what these games are made for, fans of the band. Enough of that stuff, we get the idea.

Graphics are what you would expect out of a RB game, nothing new. The animations of the band on-stage combines a few of their signature moves, but most often get repeated and mixed with generic RB movements on-stage.

The career mode is a little on the disappointing side. With only 3 venues in the entire career, 3-4 sets to play composed of about 4-5 songs in each set. So in total there are only 15-20 songs in each venue roughly. Each venue is split up by 3 Green Day albums. The first venue is the album Dookie, the second is American Idiot, the third is 21st Century Breakdown (which is possibly the worst venue). The songs aren't just sets of songs from the particular album. Most of them are, but they throw in some other songs from other albums to switch it up. The majority of songs are from the album specific venue, but there are a couple of songs that are thrown in for switching up.

Finally, we get to playing the songs. This is where the game falls flat. Unless you are a HUGE fan of playing power chords and repeating riffs, then this is just for you. Some songs are fun, but most of the songs are boring because of the amount of chords. You should expect that from a band like Green Day though. Not a very subtle choice for a band specific game. The songs, though exciting, are a drag to play. This is the biggest problem with the game. Playing as a band is very fun, but not for very long because once you learn the rhythms, theres nothing to these songs. Even the plastic guitar weilding veterans will have no problem 5-starring every song first try. I recommend this because of the fun that could be had as a band, but 1-player is exciting at first, but drags for the most part.

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