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posted by vlace11 (CEDAR HILL, TX) Jul 23, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

i couldn't really get into this game it felt like the sims with fight scenes.......-_-

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GF Rating


Solid title that lacks in important areas.

posted by Papercaper (DELTONA, FL) Jul 16, 2012

Member since May 2007

This game could have been great but instead I have feel it is just average. The controls are wonky and the story is lack luster at first to the point of being lame.

Starting out is really cool with some awesome monster fighting and the first time you use your new gravity controlling powers you get a rush.

After the game gets going to start to feel kinda teenage angst when your first quest is to furnish the heroines new home in the sewers. So after you go around the city collecting lamps and beds and such you get to a quest where you have to use your new powers to sneak. Which was pretty cool.

Only then you get to some decent combat in the game only to find there is no lock on feature which for this title would have made a world of difference in all combat situations.

When in combat you need to more often then not shift through the air changing directions and using a not so homing attack to kick your opponents shiny weak spots. This would be awesome if you did not have to stop in mid air to change directions effectively. Not to mention that since the right stick now changes your direction the vita tilt out of nowhere controls the camera more often then not leaving your upside down and disoriented.

Worst part of this game by far is the combat and fighting controls and mechanics. The game itself is quite good by the end and the story telling picks up and has a very charming graphic novel appeal as well as voice acting and cinematic.

If it was not for the lackluster controls I would herald this as a must own game. As such rent and get a feel for it as some might just not be able to put up with the control scheme.

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