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GF Rating


I love this game

posted by SGarcia2 (KING CITY, CA) Jun 5, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

and I'm mad that I just decided to keep this game for $20 and the price just dropped to $13 -.-
But this game is a must play if you have a Vita.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Gets old fast

posted by virtuahonus (SEATTLE, WA) Feb 24, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Gravity Rush is an extremely redundant game. You basically do the same thing over and over, with only slight variety here and there to distinguish one experience to the next. Add in some awkward touch controls and a fidgity camera and the game loses it's appeal pretty quick. It's a shame too, because it starts off good and does some pretty cool things, but in the end just becomes pretty dull and boring.

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GF Rating


Like playing an anime

posted by Metoo999 (NEW YORK, NY) Jan 17, 2013

Member since Aug 2007

This is probably one of the top three titles out now for the Vita. It's a light game with a whimsical story and fun gameplay. It's not like the obnoxious anime style in many current JRPGS, it's actually bearable.

The flying and gravity changing mechanics are fairly unique even compared to console games and I'm surprised they pulled it off. The graphics are gorgeous, almost like a Hayao Miyazaki film, and the music is pleasant enough.

The game's an open world with three major areas. The city has heavy European influences. The map system is excellent, it feels kind of like controlling Google Maps on your phone. It's done by touch screen and the menu system is simplistic and well-done.

The plot is airy, but engaging. It's like one of those old 90s anime movies you'd see on a late Saturday night on the Sci-Fi channel.

I loved flying around slamming into giant monsters, but many times I'd have trouble actually hitting one. Sometimes the camera gets so wonky. Not only does the right stick move the camera, but the Vita's tilt function also changes the perspective. It can get annoying. Luckily there's no pelting of a hundred projectiles throwing you off like in many Japanese games. Combat never gets too difficult. The balance is nice - note there is no difficulty setting.

There is free roam after beating it, but there's not much to do except collectibles and upgrades. You can redo challenges all over the map. I finished the main story and challenges (up to bronze only) in about 12 hours.

This is a must play for the Vita.

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