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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

How to get on the other side of town where the highways are always blocked.

Can't get to the other side of Vice City? Are the highways blocked? There will be a ramp which might seem as though it is made from sand. It's located on the side of a road not to down on of the streets heading towards the airport. It's next to a fence. To make sure you found the actual ramp look behind it, there should be a thick pipe. Walk on it, move around, and try to walk towards the wall precisely straight ahead (remain on the pipe). There shall be a brief pause, a sign that will say Welcome To Vice City. Now you're on the other side of town. Good Luck.

Stop smoking car

To stop your car from smoking just enter the health cheat.

Heal a flat tire

To heal a flat tire submit the health cheat.

Easy money and life

When playing game, get a nice car at night. Get into the car and drive around to find a STRIPPER. (Try not to damage the car) When you find one, don't beat her then. Drive close to her and hopefully she'll get in. Next when she's in the car drive into a bush and wait till the car shakes. When the STRIPPER gets out of the car ,you get out after her and beat her and collect all of her money.

Walk through a wall

Go to the tall building by the tools shop and you can walk through one of the walls.

Easy Money

If you want easy money, get a car that can take damage (the patriot can take a beating) and go down the street that goes under the downtown bridge to Prawn Island and run over the parking meters in front of the building with the weird sculpture where you find one of the idols. Get out, get the dough and continue. They will regenerate by the time you knock over the last one and then do it again. P.S. If you don't kill anyone, the cops will leave you alone.

Easy Money

On the mission Trojan Voodoo, when you lose, you can kill the Hatians for loads of money and they keep coming back so you can kill them.

Brake or turn better

Press and hold R1 for better turns and braking.

Get clearer graphics

When pausing gameplay  go to Display, then choose Trails and turn that option off. The game will become much clearer.