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GTA V, Too Obsessed With "Realism"

posted by taintedwisdom (YUCAIPA, CA) Dec 16, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

Despite featuring aspects from both GTA San Andreas & IV, GTA V is kind of it's own entity, but not in a good way. If you liked IV's leaning more towards realism, slow & tedious character movement, & cover based combat then you'll want to violate this game's disc. If you want to have fun, not die the second you enter a fight, not constantly experience disconnects between realism & game mechanics, not waste time with underdeveloped modes, or have basic features be outright absent then go back & play San An. again or play Saint's Row IV. Ever since GTA IV Rockstar seems to have had a VERY unhealthy obsession with realism & this game is no different, if anything it's getting worse. The world is breathtaking & the gameplay moreso because you'll be shouting in frustration from all the times you die unexpectedly. Death comes in SECONDS, especially if you're not prepared. After chasing a car I personally died before I could even get out of the car! Ever since GTA III Rockstars maps have been getting bigger & making it harder to find avenues of escape from police or just get from point A to point B without planning a road trip & it's worse than ever in V. You can lose police at 1 or 2 stars with ease by following traintracks if you stumble across them but you might as well reload your file if you get 3+ because the helicopters apparently have jet rockets because you can be doing 100mph & have one right on your tail. Speaking of reloading it's impossible to quit/restart a mission, so if you can't quickly fail intentionally you'll have to kill yourself, lose the ammo used, & 5 grand for hospital expenses. Seriously! It took Rockstar like a decade to grasp the complex art of mid-mission checkpoints & now they're not just late to the party they're proactively omitting BASIC FEATURES! With the character limit I can't even continue listing all the things wrong with this... thing, just don't buy it, rent it & give it a chance if you MUST but if you have doubts DON'T buy.

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(story 10) (online -2)

posted by 07civsi (BUFFALO, NY) Oct 20, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

I bought this game a few weeks after it came out. The first thing was that the story is pretty decent and it is a huge world. There is a short summary on the story mode.

Cops- are smarter and will get you for stupid things this game makes you think about how to get away.

Online- Some people are cool and awesome just playing missions and what not, others are D---s and just go around killing other players the population online is at least half ten years old or just plain ignorant. They say things like " I'm Going to get you (Enter Racial Slur)". Oh and underage rampant with mics. I listened to all the people until I found out you can turn off the mics so if you play online I highly suggest turning off the mics because it will save alot of headache. But on the whole a decent game for story mode, horrible online glitch ahoy kicks and cannot connect to the cloud. Be wary if your getting it for the online wait until next month it may be patched enough to actually work right.

Hardcore players that hide behind gamertags and user names go on youtube and type in gta online and that will be the people who play this. P.S. You are going to be homeless online because to buy a house is 98,000 dollars to over 100,000 the money is tight in the game all around

The truth hurts but that's just how it is from my perspective do not try to deny it if you play all the game you will know i am speaking the truth

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good and bad

posted by strunknate (CANADENSIS, PA) Jan 31, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I did like gta 5 but it was confusing and got boring within the first few days of having it. it is full I mean full of high pitch little kids on there microphones screaming and yelling it annoyed me so much and the game is not very fun unless you are playing with friends or you have a mic if not I do not recommend this game.

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