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gta review planet gamer

posted by battlemage (PLEASANT GROVE, AL) Jan 15, 2014

Member since Feb 2011

Grand theft auto is infamous for being invloved in the media there isnt a gta i remember that wasnt it is a great game series that reminds of goodfellas or mob movies in general gta v takes the series back to los santos there verison of los angeles this focuses on not one but three characters two are formers partners in the bank robbing buisness the other a young hustler dreaming of being in the big leagues theres michael a formal bank robber who went into witness protection and faked his own death to settle down with his family and later he realizes it itsnt wht he hoped his sons a couch pato and bump his duaghters trying to get into the adult entertainment buisness.His wife hates his guts and his sleeping with her yoga trainer which leads to a funny moment early on in the game franklin a young african male living in san andreas a suburg of los santos this character goes back to the carl johnson character he dreams of going into the big leagues of being a hustler his day job is that he is a repo man which leads to how he and michael meet ech other and michael offers to mentor him take him under his wing.Then theres trevor one of the most....creative gta characters in gta history a redneck living in the desert who kills off one of the main characters from gta 4 five minutes into when hes introduced he thought mchael died years ago when he attended his funeral after franklin and michael pull of a heist he finds out that his dead friend isnt dead which leads to the core story which i wont tell that defeats the purpose of playing the game right? gta does not disapoint but in some areas it seems to massive which i dont hate but when it takes me thirity minutes to reach my mission start point gta online is overated to a pint dident live up to what was promised its not bad just overhyped. the new thing is you can switch to any of the three characters at any time which is awasome when you switch to one there always doing something different like sleeping wa

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good game, but not very challenging.

posted by Tiffyy (TUCSON, AZ) Jan 10, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

When I started the game, I decided to go right into the missions and story line. The character development was decent, and I felt compelled to finish the story vs just running around and beating people to give me money. When I was introduced to Trevor, I was cracking up.

I liked how I was able to relate to each individual character, and didnt dread playing one vs the others.

Story wise the game is pretty cool with a choose your own adventure ending, but the actual missions and heists themselves were not challenging at all. I enjoyed prepping for a heist, but when it came down to executing it, I was underwhelmed. I didn't need to buy any additional weapons or upgrades, and buying an exotic car was more annoying than fun due to having to go to a garage to get it, only to ditch it for a heist vehicle. You can beat the game easily with whatever weapon you start with, and exercising and eating is meaningless.

When the credits rolled, I did not feel compelled to play anymore vs other GTA games. I immediately returned the game, rather than kept it.

All in all, good story, but there was 0 challenge. At the end I wound up with millions, with no reason to buy property or anything for that matter.

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What else can be said?

posted by Steeze_McQueen (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Jan 9, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

This game has everything. Driving, shooting, robbing, job-planning, multiple protagonists. This is one of the VERY few games I plan to actually buy. Incredible work, Rockstar!

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