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Must play!

posted by abrammercado118 (NEW YORK, NY) Nov 6, 2013

Member since May 2013

story line was good, and disapointing at the same time. i enjoyed it just alittle. Graphics are Awesome. side missions good and online is alot of fun. Really good. Even thought it finally get boring after you play it alot..

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posted by Pilot_Sully (JEFFERSON, GA) Oct 26, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

Best GTA so far. Addicting!!! Didn't really care much for the GTA V Online portion, but I just play the actual game and it is so much fun. Glad I bought this instead of renting, it is well worth it to be able to keep it. You will play it all the time!

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A Mindblowing Send Off to the PS3 and 360

posted by goget17 (AMES, IA) Oct 5, 2013

Member since Sep 2011

This generation of consoles is coming to end, but Grand Theft Auto V brings a spectacular finale to the end of an era in a way only Rockstar can muster. I'll break this down for you because all parts of this game were not created equal.

The Gameplay
In a word: Phenomenal. Rockstar tests the boundaries of gameplay mechanics for the PS3 like no other game before it. The covering system is much more responsive and quite a bit more intelligent than previous installments. Not only that, but the action is mesmerizing. GTA V brings you into the action with an original score that almost always balances perfectly with the gameplay. Instead of simply shooting random people on your way to some yellow dot on the radar, you feel much more immersed in the world around you. The switching mechanics are also a nice added touch, allowing a wide spectrum of perspectives from each of the characters. Each character has their own shooting, walking, and general style that immerses the player in that characters unique perspective.

The Graphics
If you weren't sure what your gaming system was capable of before now, you will be blown away by these amazing graphics. There is some occasional pop-in, but you can't really blame Rockstar for the limits of current gen systems. The environment is breathtaking; the developers obviously put time into even the smallest details. You never see any copying and pasting of code; everything is unique.

The Story
If I have one complaint about the newest Rockstar title, it is the characters. I can't give this game less than a 10 based purely on the gameplay and graphics, but the story leaves something to be desired. Although characters are not as one dimensional as in GTA 3 and Vice City, they are still quite un-relatable. Niko and John Marston proved a new era for Rockstar stories, characters that strived for something more and were relatable at least on some level. All of the GTA 5 characters however are just slimeballs.
But this game is still

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