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Great game but not perfect.

posted by Vader101 (SANTEE, CA) Apr 18, 2014

Member since Aug 2004

When loading up the disc you have to sit through a long loading screen with random pictures everytime. Once it loads everything takes less the 3-4 minutes to load. You take the rolls of Michael, Trevor & Franklin which work together to do Heist but have some side mission for their story. When in a mission you can most of the time switch between the 3 to complete the mission.

The Good
- The 3 characters (being able to switch to their point of the story)
- The shooting is much improved
- The Heist are fun to pull off
- Seamless entry to safe house, stores, & auto shops (No loading)
- The GPS (nice knowing how to get where I'm going)
- Customizing the cars

The Bad
- The Long loading when you start up the disc
- The Music (The only station I could stand was Non-Stop Pop)
- The Helicopter mission. (hard to fly just right)
- No custom soundtracks
- The slow motion transition from characters
- The hair, beards & tattoos you can customize the characters with kinda suck
- The racing mission suck cuz the driving is not perfect

Online is okay. The only gripe was when I walked into a store and some moron block the door accidentally and i got stuck with no way out but 7 min. later i some how disappeared and reappeared out side magically. But all in all I like the online.

With that said I really enjoyed the game and wished it was a little longer. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who like a good heist game.

PS: Did I mention I hated the radio stations (The Music)?


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GF Rating



posted by DodgeMyStds (WEST ORANGE, NJ) Apr 16, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

You Must Be A Illiterate, Broke & A Hater To Not Love Grand Theft Auto 5 Amazing Open World Story Mode And Online You Can Interact With Individuals And Friends An Enormous Open World With Planes,Guns,,Strip Club,Golf,Tennis,Your Own House and Garages,swimming,Cars,Sport,Racing,DeathMatch,Team Death Match,Capture Mode,Gangs Creation,Play With your friends, And Even More I Adore The Rockstar Grand Theft Franchise Especially GTA V You Are Missing Out Upon A Marvelous Campaign Mode Hilarious,Adored Characters In The Game, In Addition To the environment of the game is Ginormous Theirs Big Mountains,Mountain Lions,Goats,Cows,Dessert Lands, Wants Again iF you haven't played GTA V you either dumb,broke, and a hater we talking about a game sold a billion copies !! Highly recommend in individual or a friend to purchase this game!!!!!!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Gta 5 2013

posted by xpart123 (KANSAS CITY, MO) Apr 11, 2014

Member since Jun 2008

This game is awesome. if you are a noob gamer to gta you'll be kind of frustrated at the controls but if you have been playing it since the ps2 or original xbox days then you will love this one.

gameplay 7/10

graphics 9/10

story so far 7 out of 10

replay value play over and over.

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