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Great game for a lazy day.

posted by S3kchun8 (FORT WAYNE, IN) Feb 18, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

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I have been playing the GTA series since the original Playstation, and this game does not disappoint. Be prepared for longer load times when you start the game up, but overall it is seamless. It is kind of hard to get the hang of things if you haven't already played this series before, but the GPS helps out a lot. If you get bored, you can always run around and shoot people. Overall this game is great if you are just looking to kill some time.

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posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Sep 19, 2013

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Grand Theft Auto doesn't need any introduction. Everyone knows about this title regardless if they ever played it. The third person title places another chapter inside of the GTA platform and Rockstar has made yet another gem.

You assume the role of 3 characters...
Michael - A successful, retired robber that was a professional in his trade.
Franklin - A young upcoming criminal, that is tired of gang activities and wants to make real cash with real opportunities.
Trevor - An edgy, Ex-Air force pilot, and former accomplice of Michael's who had fallin through the cracks of society.

These three band together to make the quick dollar by pulling sophisticated Heists... Out for the big scores they will do anything to get the job done.

There is many twists to the story, but I don't want to ruin it.

The replay-value is very high... There is multiple standpoints in the story; the world reacts different to each character. You will find random spontainous events happen... Creating a rich illusion of a living world. With different choices you can make, in each character.

Graphics are insane... Characters start sweating from being outside... Physical motion of the character has a very life like approach. The tire sounds(driving on different terrain), in cars... Have a very appealing realism to it... Many small perfections and a vast world of rich detail.. GTA V has to offer.

You have so much to do... This is a game, you will want to start over from a few hours from playing, because you will feel like there is more story you missed... Just from having so much OTHER things you can do.

Massive world; Character skills can level-up/progress; You can fly aircraft; buy properties; customize vehicles; go off roading; play golf, tennis, darts; rob stores; Do the in-game stock market... Drive around be a taxi-driver for quick cash...
Rockstar did a marvelous job... Plus all of that is online too.

This game is worth keeping.

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GTA V, Too Obsessed With "Realism"

posted by taintedwisdom (YUCAIPA, CA) Dec 16, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

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Despite featuring aspects from both GTA San Andreas & IV, GTA V is kind of it's own entity, but not in a good way. If you liked IV's leaning more towards realism, slow & tedious character movement, & cover based combat then you'll want to violate this game's disc. If you want to have fun, not die the second you enter a fight, not constantly experience disconnects between realism & game mechanics, not waste time with underdeveloped modes, or have basic features be outright absent then go back & play San An. again or play Saint's Row IV. Ever since GTA IV Rockstar seems to have had a VERY unhealthy obsession with realism & this game is no different, if anything it's getting worse. The world is breathtaking & the gameplay moreso because you'll be shouting in frustration from all the times you die unexpectedly. Death comes in SECONDS, especially if you're not prepared. After chasing a car I personally died before I could even get out of the car! Ever since GTA III Rockstars maps have been getting bigger & making it harder to find avenues of escape from police or just get from point A to point B without planning a road trip & it's worse than ever in V. You can lose police at 1 or 2 stars with ease by following traintracks if you stumble across them but you might as well reload your file if you get 3+ because the helicopters apparently have jet rockets because you can be doing 100mph & have one right on your tail. Speaking of reloading it's impossible to quit/restart a mission, so if you can't quickly fail intentionally you'll have to kill yourself, lose the ammo used, & 5 grand for hospital expenses. Seriously! It took Rockstar like a decade to grasp the complex art of mid-mission checkpoints & now they're not just late to the party they're proactively omitting BASIC FEATURES! With the character limit I can't even continue listing all the things wrong with this... thing, just don't buy it, rent it & give it a chance if you MUST but if you have doubts DON'T buy.

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