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Gang Related

posted by TheGodofDogz (PLANO, TX) Oct 25, 2013

Member since May 2013

This is by far one of Rockstar's most crowning achievements of a game. It is San Andreas on drugs with nonstop gun fights, police chases, robberies, vehicle combat, gang warfare and last but not least "Grand Theft Auto"!!!!! And this is just the story mode. The online is one of the best online lobbies to date with the endless races and crime related missions plus the gang fights you get into with other crews roaming the landscape. If your looking to commit crime in the real world this game is a healthy alternative so you don't go to prison.

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Great game

posted by Tenkaiack (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Oct 24, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

This is a great game, way better than Grand Theft Auto IV! I'm going to buy this game soon!

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Best GTA in the franchise!!

posted by chemical36 (WHITMAN, MA) Oct 18, 2013

Member since Nov 2010

I have been playing GTA from the beginning and I have to say this is by far the best one yet. The 3 protagonists are a welcome addition from the standard one character perspective. GTA IV was good but Niko got very boring and I wasn't really a fan of his character. So this gives you a very much needed break when you need it from a character. So if you are getting bored with Franklin, switch it up. Tired of Michael go to Trevor. Love this feature.

The missions so far have been outstanding. A good mix of intense fighting and police chases yet still the sort of "take a breather" type missions where you just go here and get that.

Pacing has been great. They allow for missions to get to know each character before tossing you into the fire. Also gave them special focus abilities which is nice for driving and shooting.

The open map from the start was also a nice change. How annoying was it to get stuck on that last mission before opening another section? No more. Just go wherever you want from the opening scene.

Vehicle selection has been awesome. In GTA's past you had to open a section to get the good cars. This game offers them up from the start.

Expanded property purchasing system which is nice however I wish they would expand the activities you can do in these homes. Right now you just save the game. It would be nice to shoot pool, sit and chill but still not much to do there. Dont get me wrong, there are some things. Michaels house you can watch tv, Franklins you can do bing hits etc.. But more would be better.

Graphics are amazing. I see people knocking to but a game of this size, you have to expect that there may be some graphical issues. The amount of testing to cover every square inch must have been tedious and near impossible to cover every leaf on every tree.

In short, this is light years ahead of all other GTA's. I could go on for hours but just got buy it and have fun. You won't regret it,

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