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Not as Grand as you think.

posted by aaDKaa (PITTSBURGH, PA) Nov 13, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I have to say I respect all the work that Rockstar put into this game. If you bought this game you shouldn't feel cheated at all for your money. The problem I have however is that they don't push the limits of the sandbox genre of games.

For example My fave sandbox game Red Faction Guerrillas. I haven't played a sandbox like it. Not only can you enter all the buildings you can knock them all down. Which made for incredibly gameplay. If not for the weak story of Red Faction it would have been a premier game.

Pro of GTA 5:

1.The map is massive and beautiful

2.The characters are awesome

3.Story is good


1.You can't enter buildings- This wrecks the illusion of being in an open world. Running from cops seems pointless when there is nowhere to go. And because you can't buy more safe houses it really just takes away from the experience.

2. Alot of glitches- glitches everywhere!

3. Helicopter controls are awful!

4. Stealth kills still add wanted level- This upset me the most. Even if your gun is silenced,and your wearing a mask,and no one seen you commit the crime your wanted level is raised.

5. You cant set up your own heist- the game adds this cool feature that you can't implicate outside of missions.

Final verdict this game could have been a home run with just a little more attention to details. As the consumer I demand better if you want us to hand over 60 bucks or more for these titles start with a more solid foundation.

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posted by JackBlack (CANYON COUNTRY, CA) Nov 11, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

Okay BAD first:

Story mode way TOO SHORT took me about 15hrs total. I was hoping to get a good solid week of story mode at least.

Online it seems like you spend most of your time running from the POLICE seriously you get stars for everything! If you steal a vehicle online it is reported stolen and you get a star every time you pass a cop in a stolen vehicle which rolls into 2 stars very quickly. I thought the point of this game was to steal cars?

You loose health if you run too long? the only time I am running is when I am way out in BFE and now I have to walk 50 miles??


The STORY is well written and freakishly immersive, I was a little apprehensive about the intertwined story lines but was very pleasantly surprised they did a superb job at telling three perspectives of a great story.

They brought LOS SANTOS customs back! One of my favorite things to do in San Andreas was to spend hours customizing my Banshee, stoked they brought it back.

The PHYSICS ENGINE is better! You still can't back flip a dirt bike but at least you can climb and jump and not look like you have a stick in your ....

SHOOTING! Way better shooting mechanic.

They see to fix all of the niggling problems from the earlier games.

ONLINE is way better you are in a massive free play world if/when you decide to play a TDM match you can by walking into one of many glowing rings randomly placed throughout the map! Tons of fun! Oh, and you GAIN LEVELS!

Don't let your previous GTA experiences color your decision on this one you will be pleasantly surprised.

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best one yet!!!

posted by csadair (BIXBY, OK) Nov 9, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Three character system great stops it from getting boring.

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