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Rockstar, You've Done it again!

posted by Lordston (DUGWAY, UT) Jan 7, 2014

Member since Apr 2012

This game is one of the best open world sandbox games that i have ever played. if not, the best game i have ever played(PERIOD)
It provides a incredible story, stunning graphics, Voice acting thought only to be in High Profit Feature Films! and a Multiplayer that makes GTA IV's Multiplayer look like a My Lil' Pony game on the Wii! The only problem with this game is..... The recent exploitation of both money and RP in the Online portion of the game, Thousands of players have over 2 Billion+ GTA Cash, and Hundreds of players with level 1000 Characters that demolish any unsuspecting player, definitely makes you want to play invite only matches with friends as apposed to open matches.

+ Amazing Story
+ Stunning Graphics
+ Film Quality Voice Acting
+ Expansive Open World

- Unfair Online Exploits that Ruin the Online Experience

10/10 - Perfect

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posted by ladysman21 (AUSTIN, TX) Dec 29, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

Ok, let me start off by saying this gta is just simply amazing, the storyline actually makes sense, you can costimize your guns and cars, the clothes are amazing, the 3 characters you can play as are awesome, you earn SO much money on the heist missions, they took gta to a whole new level, i thought Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories was the best grand theft auto ever, honestly, until i popped in this bad boy, my mind changed when i heard the first gun shot i was like 'OOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG' and let me spoil a minor thing, at the end of the game you can kill michael or trevor, or do deathwish, if you kill michael you dont get anything you dont get his money or anything its like killing a random person on the streets, if you kill trevor you get half his money 1 half goes to michael and the other half goes to franklin, if you do deathwish you have to kill a lot of people like, Steve Haines, Tao and Wei Cheng, Stretch, and Devin Western, i did deathwish because devin western ripped me off of all those cars i stole for him, but over all that best gta ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Have played both story and online extensively

posted by G5Xeon (WOODLAND, CA) Dec 20, 2013

Member since Oct 2004

Definitely a must buy title and I will as soon as I can. Had some issues early online but most are ironed out.

The wait now is for more missions and the promised heists that are suppose to come after the first of the year.

Allot of fun playing with crew members (friends) since you can have a private session and avoid the inevitable squids and trolls in the public lobbies.

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