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Very Good

One of a kind

posted by JMuscle64 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Jul 13, 2014

Member since Sep 2013

So I'll begin by saying this was a huge improvement by my standards. The Campaign was very fun; almost every misson you play has preperation, like with the bank heists. One I remember very well required the player to get a sense of enviornment before returning to the person who manages all activity, I think his name was Lester.
You then decide who you want to work with based off of how much of a cut in profit you wish to take. There is a hitman who in missions is a gun for hire, and there is the person who manages in transportation. A level I remember allowed the player to ride dirt bikes in the tunnels in this game.
Every player has their own personal missons, my favorite would have to be Trevor; a psychotic an ruthless person. He has a wild sense of humor.

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GF Rating


my honest review

posted by undeadslayer999 (ZACHARY, LA) Jul 9, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

The game starts of with a bang then slowly dies down again until you get to the first heist then it speeds up a bit then its slows down and it goes back and forth.

The map size is giant some people thinks thats good but its not for this game in GTA online it works perfectly but not the single player because it might take you ten min just get from the bottom of the map to the top the map is ok i wish the city was bigger like the main city. But the entire map is just a giant desert and a small city.

GTA online is the best part of gta5 in my opinion as long as you have a couple friends if you don't have friends all it is is driving and shooting

my time playing this game i was enjoying it its might be worth a rent

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GF Rating


Must play

posted by sb10 (TUCSON, AZ) Jun 24, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

This game was Amazing, the story mode was almost a flawless experience. You switch between 3 characters throughout the campaign making it feel fresh for a GTA game. The game follows the good old GTA formula of story missions complemented with side missions and of course car jacking to provide hours of fun. My ONLY grief with the story was that you could not set a new default car for each character, resulting in loss of the cool cars you have stolen if left un-attended. Online is the reason I didn't rate this a 10, its still a good experience but the lack of heists or big money missions means you have to REALLY grind missions for weeks to scrap together enough money for the high end cars, also the sports cars on the street that belong to NPC's cannot be kept in online a huge disappointment. but overall it was awesome.

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