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Above Average


posted by UpriseClan (SANDY, UT) Sep 23, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

du i got swag in a bag of potatoes that is better thatn this dawg. dis game like a pile of panda puke. lol i don't even know right now. Really though its stupid...
but good, 6/10

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GF Rating


Good and bad

posted by AsheMorris (ELIZABETH CITY, NC) Sep 15, 2014

Member since Jun 2007

This is a good and bad game. The story line is awesome and funny and keeps ya going. Graphics are pretty darn good. The bad is the online play. I say this only because of the constant server problems and the fact that so so so many people mod the game. I've been playing it for weeks and can't even hardly make any money to buy anything because of the fact if you are a loner like me then your pretty much out of luck as most of the missions and side missions are 4 or more players. And the ones that are single player don't pay anything. And on free roam it sucks because there is no balance to rank. So if your just beginning like me you have virtually no chance at collecting bounties or staying alive if a bounty is set on you. It would be a great online experience if the free roam was more balanced as far as rank and if there were more single player options. As for the modders, that is the people who run the online fault. I have repeatedly had to report people left and right. People that can blow you up without firing a shot or throwing any bombs at you or people making their character go into walls so they can shoot you but you can't harm them. Or people you can empty entire clips CLIPS of ammo into but they don't die. It's a cluster """" of problems that they evidently don't tend too. But it's still a bit fun and passes the time. My opinion is this game is not worth 60 dollars if your just getting it for the online experience, but it might be worth it if it for the online and story experience and to pass the time. Just be warned, a lot of buggy issues, a lot of server issues, a lot of misdeeds, and a lot of ranking problems. If you want real fun, try Watchdogs. I love that game. Now if GRAND and Watchdogs joined and made one game, that would be a wet dream come true. Lol Just saying.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Sent me a scratched game

posted by juarezaj (LA VERNE, CA) Aug 29, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

they sent me a scratched game and i was going to keep it

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