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GF Rating


my honest review

posted by undeadslayer999 (ZACHARY, LA) Jul 9, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

The game starts of with a bang then slowly dies down again until you get to the first heist then it speeds up a bit then its slows down and it goes back and forth.

The map size is giant some people thinks thats good but its not for this game in GTA online it works perfectly but not the single player because it might take you ten min just get from the bottom of the map to the top the map is ok i wish the city was bigger like the main city. But the entire map is just a giant desert and a small city.

GTA online is the best part of gta5 in my opinion as long as you have a couple friends if you don't have friends all it is is driving and shooting

my time playing this game i was enjoying it its might be worth a rent

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GF Rating


Must play

posted by sb10 (TUCSON, AZ) Jun 24, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

This game was Amazing, the story mode was almost a flawless experience. You switch between 3 characters throughout the campaign making it feel fresh for a GTA game. The game follows the good old GTA formula of story missions complemented with side missions and of course car jacking to provide hours of fun. My ONLY grief with the story was that you could not set a new default car for each character, resulting in loss of the cool cars you have stolen if left un-attended. Online is the reason I didn't rate this a 10, its still a good experience but the lack of heists or big money missions means you have to REALLY grind missions for weeks to scrap together enough money for the high end cars, also the sports cars on the street that belong to NPC's cannot be kept in online a huge disappointment. but overall it was awesome.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Lewin (LAUREL SPRINGS, NJ) Jun 24, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

Haven't played a title in the series since good ol' GTA 3, and while some of the improvements that blew my tiny mind are from the games in between that I missed ("Water doesn't ruthlessly murder me upon touching it now?! This changes -EVERYTHING-!"),
the game promises plenty of new things. MY favorite of which, is the ability to switch between multiple, well established characters.

Playing as three different characters makes the missions I've done that required several character switches even more interesting than the ones preceding. And all three of them have the same skill progression bars to work on, with a natural affinity for some. (One is already skilled with driving, another's strength progression bar is notably farther along than the other two.) But you have to level them all for each character, instead of your skill increasing affecting all three at once. Be ready to master Flight School from scratch thrice. Not that it isn't fun, I had a blast. ("Oh my God you can fly now!? THIS CHANGES -EVERYTHING-!")

My only gripe with the game is minor and not very noteworthy. While there are plenty of cheat codes to use, one of which grants total invincibility for five minutes, I truly wish there was a more lasting God Mode. I'd like to throw away all regard for digital human life and not stress over the countdown timer until the police can completely obliterate you. It's not a flaw in the game, it's just something I feel would make the sandbox mayhem even more fun.

I've tried little of the Online portion of the game, but the character creation process was interesting and (As far as I'm aware) quite unique.

Overall I've give this game a try if you've got a few hours to throw at it. The game would be undoubtedly more fun with a large group of friends online, so take that into consideration.

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