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posted by secretninja117 (ELMER, NJ) Aug 4, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

Probably about the most boring game I've put in my Xbox in a long time. It spent more time installing then I played it. If promoting gang violence is your thing then go ahead and support this game.

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grand theft auto v

posted by eddymejia26 (BELFAST, TN) Jul 28, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

the game keeps on freezing and macking me insert the disc 1 a lot.

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GTA V is a major disappointment

posted by Temponed (SOMERVILLE, MA) Jul 28, 2014

Member since Mar 2007

First off let me just say I have 0 interest in online / multiplayer components of console games. So whatever this game has to offer in that regard is of no use to me. As far as I am concerned Vice City was and is the Gold Standard when it comes to GTA game-play - diverse main missions and fun, somewhat open-ended side missions especially the profession-based ones (taxi, ambulance, etc.) ones. These are what made me fall in love with the series. Liberty City did a pretty good job both keeping this component in the game and also changing and adding to it (cop missions) in an interesting way. GTA V, however, is woefully lacking in the side mission department. The random encounters are for the most part pretty 'Meh' and most of the strangers and freaks side missions have neither the open-ended appeal nor the cash-earning element of prior games' side missions. The one exception would be Trevor's smuggling missions, which I played over and over since they were the only ones of their ilk and I could find no other way to earn $.

I kept begrudgingly doing the main missions with the hope that at some point they would open side missions that would create opportunities for me to earn $ with the characters but this never happened. The credits to the game rolled right around the time I was expecting to get some interesting side missions. For a game with 2 discs, the main story line is unbelievably short and unfulfilling.

And I truly do not understand why there all these properties listed for purchase that you can't afford until you finish the final mission. What is the point of that? Lastly, they built in this somewhat interesting accomplice structure for heists but then there are only like 3 missions in the entire game that utilize this system. I suspect it is used more heavily in the online component but then why have it in story mode if it is barely used.

Glad I opted to test-drive before out-right purchasing the game because it is not worth it imho.

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