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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - 2nd Edition

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Easy Money 2

An easy way to get money or a gun is to get into a car, speed up, look for a gang or cop, then about a few feet away from them/it jump out (press Triangle) and it kills them....then get their stuff

Easy Money 3

When you kill a drug dealer, you will net $2000. Drug dealers normally wear black jackets and stand still waiting for people to talk to them. Kill as many as you can find to build up your cash stash quickly.

Easy Money 4

To get money easily simply go to a horse betting place and put all your money on the horse with the worse odds, if they win you'll get around 10-12 times your money back, if they lose simply re-load your game and try again. I got 7mil from doing this twice.

Easy Money 5

At the betting shop in Los Santos's Red country access the betting machine near the wall and choose the horse with the worst every dollar you've got and start the race, instead of watching it with hope for a victory tap the 'X' button as fast as you can. you SHOULD win, again repeat this process adding more and more money to the bet. Finally you will be rolling in it, it DOES work as soon as i could reach the betting shop, i found myself with 1.9 million dollars before i had even started the missions.

Easy Money 6

To get easy money - enter a strip club and stand directly in front of the main stripper, all the money the men throw at the stripper you will get because you are standing in front of her.

Arcade Games

Walk up to any arcade machine or console system in the game and press triangle, you will be able to play retroesque arcade games.

Change the size of the moon

Shoot the moon with the sniper rifle and it will grow until it reaches a certain size when he will shrink when you shoot it again.

Funny License Plates

If you import a car at the docks, most but not all cars have plates that differ from normal ones. One says "our fergie", or "disco stu", and a really special one says "ea sucks". Try it out.

True Crime Easter Egg

In Los Santos, at the Unity Station, look at the tunnel in which the train goes into. And look at the sign above it. Zoom into it with a sniper or camera. The sign reads: True Grime Street Cleaners.

Basketball Tricks

When you have a basketball in your hands tap triangle or square to do some little tricks.

Easy Money 1

Running low on cash? Can't get to an Ammu-Nation cause of the low cash? Well here is your solution. If you have gotten to the point of the game where you can recruit gangmembers, recruit some. Then, kill them. Why even bother recruiting them? Because they won't fight back or try to escape! Do this again and again and you should have plenty of ammo and cash.


Gives machine pistol-esque abilities such as drive-by's and ease of movement and strafing while shooting, along with deadly power and accuracy. It offers 30 rounds per reload 

Faces of death

You will find there are many different ways to kill people. For instance you can target someone with R1 and slit their throats with a knife, slap someone around with a double-ended dildo, use a chainsaw to cut through enemies like warm butter, or even decapitate a foe with your katana.

Raising Skill

Early in the game remember to use the weapons you want to utilize more later in the game since the more you use a weapon the better you become at utilizing the weapon (larger target range, better accuracy)

Easy Weapons

An easy way to get weapons quickly is to kill clerks at Ammu-Nation, go on Vigilant Missions for police (get a police vehicle can pres R3), the cheats (very easy), and kill other gang members.

Easter Egg Hoodlum Notoriety

When you finish some missions (for example: 555 we tip) listen to the radio. You'll hear the person talking about the mission just passed.

Easter Egg Rockstar Cameos

In one of Zero's mission, where you have to use the machine gun to knock down the RC planes, you can see some action figures of Rockstar characters like Tommy Vercetti, Lance Vance, as well as characters from other games in Rockstar's line-up during Zero's dialogue.

hydra location

Go to the police station parking garage in downtown San Fierro. Go into garage and go all the way to the back. There u will see a hydra.

Find a plane

Go to the airport in the first city, if you haven't unlocked the pilot's license, put a car up against the wall and jump on it then jump on the wall, climb over the wall and you will find a plane.

Fix Car Instantly

If your car catches on fire, and you want to keep that car, enter the health cheat and the fire will go out and all damage to the car will be fixed.


It is a bit smaller and much lighter than the baseball bat which makes it quicker to use (and run with) while being just about as effective. You can grab one from a cop or find one in a police station locker room.

9mm Handgun

Good stopping power for a cheapo handgun. Cheapness and abundance of ammo for them combined with pairing them up make them rather useful.

Desert Eagle

This handgun delivers an unparalleled degree of accuracy and power with a distinctive feel that players will pick up on immediately. Hold R1 and line up the sights on a target. This handgun gives you sniper results with the free movement offered by a handgun. It offers 7 rounds per reload and causes significant damage.

Respect status

Your respect is made up of the following factors: Running Respect (see below): 40%, Mission Progress: 36%, Territory Under Control: 6%, Money: 6%, Fitness: 4%, Clothes: 4%, Girlfriend Progress: 4%. Your Running Respect is changed by the following factors: Killing a dealer: +.005%, Killing a gang member: +.5%, Killing a member of your gang: -.005%, A member of your gang is killed: -2%, Territory gained: +30%, Territory lost: -3%

Want to pick up a hooker?

Well, here's some hints; the hookers are attracted to "pimping" cars, therefore if you\'re in a car that has hydraulics and you\'re using them infront of a hooker, she'll say something like "You want a good time, baby?" and then press the right arrow key. She'll then hop in your car, and be careful not to run into many things or kill a lot of people because she might get frightened and as soon as she gets a chance, she'll leave the car. With the hooker, drive to a secluded, or empty place then park and don't move the car. After a few seconds, she'll say "This palce is OK" and then you'll notice the car going up and down.. You'll hear some..graphic noises such as moaning or CJ saying "Come on, baby" or something like that. After their business, the hooker will leave the car. After you're finished with a hooker, you can kill her and get all your money back.

How to drive in ocean

okay the first thing you have to do you must put in infinite lung capacity here it is down  left L1 down(2) R2 down L2 down, next you have to steal a car then you go in the sea after that you have to let yourself sink you will touch the ground then drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pizza for the dead

Go to the Grave yard near the Pay 'n' Spray in Temple (but the grave yard is in vinewood). Their will a building in the grave yard with a few crypts in it two of them are empty and one with pizza on it and its kinda of funny because on another crypt beside thats closed their is a T.V. so I guess the dead man/woman was watching T.V. while pizza and now their loose in San Andres. There is a lot of stuff thats weird in this game like the posessed car, The Ring, and Leather Face from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Automatic Pay N' Spray

Bring your destroyed cars to a garage that you own. Park the car and get out of the garage. When the door closes, go back in and the car will be good as new.

How To Get Cool Rare Cars

First off You need to Have done all the Missions for the Car Show in King's (2nd Island). Once you have, Go to the Back of Your Car Show Building and go to the Red Marker (First mark one of your homes that have a garage with the marker on map). A variety of Races will pop up and u choose one. When you select one and Start the race just drive the car towards that house and place the car inside the garage and leave. 20 seconds you will be disqualified but u can  go back to the garage and drive the car around. later u can go to another race and get another car.

Increase CJ's Lung Capacity

The more CJ swims the greater his lung capacity becomes. This becomes important if you are being chased and need to dive down underwater so that your attacker loses your trail.

More respect and sex appeal

Picking the right clothes can aid in increasing both respect and sex appeal. Clothing accounts for about 50% of your overall sex appeal and 4% of your respect level. The better CJ looks the more positive comments he'll receive from pedestrians passing by. For cost effective clothing try Surburban (Opens during Sweet's fourth mission "Nines & AKs") and Zip (when you enter San Fierro storyline)

Lose weight quickly

If you want to lose weight quickly, enable the "Speed up time" code.

Run faster

To run faster, enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code. Then, hold X while pressing the Left Analog-stick Forward. If done correctly, CJ will run faster than any car.

Gang member poses

Get a camera and recruit one of your Grove Street members. Hold R1 to look through the lens, and your gang member will go in front of it and give a thumbs up or wave.

Breaking fences

Walk up to a fence and either punch it or cut it with a chainsaw.

Recruit up to 6 gang members.

Get your respect above 60%

Recruit up to 7 gang members.

Get your respect above 80%

Disband your posse

If you want to disband the gang, hold Down on the D-pad for a few seconds, or simply abandon them.

Have your posse follow you around

Press Up on the D-pad and your homies will follow you

What gangmembers do

Gang Members will return fire to anyone who attacks you, and shoot at rival gang members and cops. Also they participate in drive-bys (up to 4 members shooting at once), but aren't reliable in other endeavors.

Losing Weight

Cj can lose weight by exercising or dieting. If you want CJ to go on a diet, you must avoid food for 48 game hours (48 real-time minutes) which will cause him to lose fat at a rate of 2.5% per hour. Following an additional 26 hours, he will lose muscle at a rate of 2.5% per hour and once his fat stat reaches 0, he will begin to lose health.


Go slow or stop near a hooker and if she says \"Want a good time baby\" press the right key on the D-pad. She will then get in the car. Drive to a secluded place (some prefer more secluded to others) and you will see the car moving up and down and hear graphic sounds. After you have finished the controller will vibrate for a second. Once the hooker gets out of the car you can kill her and get you money back. If you have completed the 10 pimp missions (must be done all at once) the hookers will pay you to have sex with them.

Dating missions Finding Helena

You can find Helena in the Blueberry area of Red County, taking shooting practice on top of the Ammu-Nation store from 08:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 02:00.

Recruit up to 2 gang members.

Get your respect above 1%

Recruit up to 3 gang members.

Get your respect above 10%

Recruit up to 4 gang members.

Get your respect above 20%

Recruit up to 5 gang members.

Get your respect above 40%

Vehicle Locations ZR-350

The Clown's Pocket, Las Venturas - Parked in the car park right in front of the actual Clowns Pocket building. Appears randomly however. (Mint Condition Cash $45,000)

Vehicle Locations Super GT

Doherty, San Fierro - Outside the Driving School after completing all goals with at least bronze. (Mint Condition Cash $105,000)

Vehicle Locations Huntley

Doherty, San Fierro - Right outside of the Driving School. Appears randomly. (Mint Condition Cash $40,000)

Vehicle Locations NRG 500

Go to the area that is on top of the air port in the second city. there should be a big dome type thing when you enter it go all the way to the left. you should see a bike. It is the NRG 500. When you get on you will be givin a mission. You have to do it to get the bike. NOT.If you just get the bike and dont do the mission you can still have the bike.

Vehicle Locations Banshee

In San Fierro go stand directly in front of the gym and go to the right side of the gym.

Dating missions Finding Barbara

You can find Barbara at the El Quebrados Sheriff parking lot between 16:00 and 06:00.

Vehicle Locations Infernus

Paradiso, San Fierro - The North Eastern most house in Paradiso. If it's not in the driveway run around the block and check again. (Mint Condition Cash $95,000)

Vehicle Locations Slamvan

El Corona, Los Santos - Parked next to a fence behind the adult sex shop at the end of the row of houses. (Mint Condition Cash $19,000)

Vehicle Locations Blista Compact

Easter Bay Airport, San Fierro - Parked next to a radar building inside the actual airport gates. It's just South of the entrance gates, you'll see a small white square on the radar. (Mint Condition Cash $35,000)

Vehicle Locations Cheetah

Prickle Pine, Las Venturas - Parked in front of a house just North of the safe house you can buy. (Mint Condition Cash $105,000)

Vehicle Locations Comet

Avispa Country Club, San Fierro - Look for the Tennis Courts and you'll find the Comet parked in the car park just to the South of them.  (Mint Condition Cash $35,000) 

Vehicle Locations Mesa

Mount Chiliad, Countryside - Parked next to a hut at the end of the Chiliad Challenge Race. (Mint Condition Cash $25,000)

Vehicle Locations Patriot

Easter Basin, San Fierro - Inside the Naval Base. (Instant 5 Star Wanted Level) (Mint Condition Cash $40,000)

Vehicle Locations Patriot

Restricted Area, Desert - To the East side near the planes and helicopters. (Instant 5 Star Wanted Level) (Mint Condition Cash $40,000)

Vehicle Locations Sanchez

Mount Chiliad, Countryside - Parked next to a hut at the end of the Chiliad Challenge Race.  (Mint Condition Cash $10,000)

Vehicle Locations Sanchez

Hunter Quarry, Desert - At the bottom of the Quarry next to a piece of machinery.  (Mint Condition Cash $10,000)

Vehicle Locations Feltzer

Flint Country, Countryside - The Feltzer will randomly spawn in the car park marked by the large grey square on the radar on the bottom right coastline of Flint Country.  (Mint Condition Cash $35,000)

Vehicle Locations Remington

Unity Station, Los Santos - Inside the parking lot.  (Mint Condition Cash $30,000)