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posted by Regulator (WARREN, MI) May 2, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

This game is nearly perfect the only downside i have to this game is the horrible music on the radio!

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posted by peanut23 (WINTHROP HARBOR, IL) May 2, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

Well, as you may no gta san Andreas and 4 are way different. When i first played i was like wow. the graphics are fanominal. But i dont like how you drive. bad driving. just started tho. hope ill get used to it!

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posted by Glockoma (BUFFALO GROVE, IL) May 2, 2008

Member since Sep 2005

First of all, i cant give a full review cause the game hasn't been fully played yet. So much new things to see and do. definitely worth to buy it. If u were or still a GTA fan, u would want this and cherish it to ur grave.

The graphic are so far superior then the previous games. more realistic, better interaction wit the environment. i've read that some people were getting a blurry visual from their hd tv. "I think its time to get a new tv"
The music is off the chain. especially the "dub" stations, cant get enough of it. i even stopped playing for a while just to listen to the music.

i like the fact u get a cell phone, and could call up ur boys and go the strip club. Or holla at ur girl, and try to kick it wit her. it also help wit u getting through the game. it allows u to get new missions, call for a taxi, and probably more. for example, u can dial 911, and ask for the 5-0(police), EMT(ambulance), or the fire busters(fire fighters).

Online mode is great. favorite version is deathmatch. just runnin around, shooting up other gta fans. havent tried the other verions yet. but ill get to it soon.

What more can i say so far. the game got me hooked. just wish there was more time to play. maybe ill bring my ps3 to work wit me.

Have fun playin!!

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