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All I Can Say is... Great Job Rockstar,

posted by ImaPirate (CICERO, IN) May 2, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

You have done it again. Another near perfect game has come from Rockstar. I can say that this is the BEST GTA game ever produced. It's a tad more mature in the story line. There's not as many of those goofy weirdo characters, but the maturity makes it even better than before. Don't get me wrong, there are some hysterical parts, but just not as many as the earlier games. The driving in GTA IV is very different from the pervious games. It's a lot more realistic now, which isn't a bad thing. It takes awhile to get used to unfortunately, but it's shows off the realism of the game. No more cutting corners at 150 mph,
time to use some brakes. You may think Rockstar would cut down on the xxx in the game because of the whole Hot Coffee ordeal, but it's stronger than ever. A lot more nudity is involved in the strip clubs. If you get a private dance and keeps asking for more then eventually two girls will come in and start messing around with each other, half naked. It's pretty intense. The language, the violence, and the xxx are ramped up to the next level. If you shoot through someone's windshield and get a headshot then they will fall on their horn and it will beep until you take them out. That's how realistic it is. And now instead of just getting into parked cars and starting them up, you have to break the windows, unlock them, and hot wire them. It's sort of tough when there are cops chasing you, but it works well. Some people might be sad to hear that the whole RPG element as seen in San Andreas isn't put into GTA IV. I can't say that it's really missed though. You can still buy different clothes and all that though, so the character is customizable. I myself have not completed the game, but i have heard that to completely finish the game, it could take somewhere around 100 hours of game time. That's a whole lot to keep me occupied. But if you want to just finish the story, then it's about 40-50 hours. I haven't played the online yet, but that'll be in my 360 review

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this game freakin rocks!!!!

posted by tmiller86 (BRUCE, WI) May 2, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

first of all these talks about the graphics sure there not the greatest and they wont blow ur mind but come on now....has any gta game blew ur mind with the my words this game is awesome i love the gta series open world main missions side missions this game has it all once u get in the game a little longer things start to pick up the pace and ur sitting there wondering which mission to take on next!! all and all said this game is a great game for the PS3 even tho the graphics wont have u goin OMG!! but its great and ive yet to experiece any lock ups and have about 10-12 hours in the game.

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posted by Regulator (WARREN, MI) May 2, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

This game is nearly perfect the only downside i have to this game is the horrible music on the radio!

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