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Above Average

Good, but not great.

posted by Validus (MCKEESPORT, PA) May 1, 2008

Member since Feb 2006

First off yes the game delivers the fun that only GTA can so it is worth playing. The reason I say "good not great" is that it lacks in a few key areas. The graphics are not that spectacular and the city has a "fuzzy" look to it and there are lots of pop ups which are really anoying if your driving a fast car. Speaking of cars, the handling of them feels like you are driving a boat or are on ice. Lots of people are raving about how alive the city is and I will say that it is but lets face it you spend more time driving and running around that listening to the city. There are improvements that were needed and there but to sum it up yes the game is alot of fun and for the most part solid but I think that Rockstar in there quest to one up themselves lost focus on a few key areas that prevent this game from being a solid 10.

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GF Rating


GTA all the way....

posted by Slimm504 (KENNER, LA) May 1, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

I love the GTA series and this one certainly didn't let me down . Took me a few mins to remember all the controls but with the help of the on screen tutorials i was back in action in no time. The newly added cellphone and gps while riding in your whip is pretty tite. Highly Recommend !! Overall Rating: 10

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GF Rating


Everything you expected, and more!

posted by msamjr (WINTER SPRINGS, FL) May 1, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

GTA IV explodes onto the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 with the kind of entrance only Rockstar could create. This game is one of the most polished and artistically crafted of our time, and probably for years to come.

By now you know you'll be playing as Niko Bellic, a man on a mission looking to find 'that certain special someone' while working his way up the food chain of Liberty City. On your way there, you'll encounter a plethora of characters who will work alongside or against you on your quest to find out details of your past.

It's hard to review such an enormously complex game, but I'll start with the driving since it's often noted as the most different. The cars react a little differently in GTAIV; you won't be able to speed and stop on a dime like similar titles; even fast cars will screech and lock tires as you try and avoid traffic. Making turns using the RB/ LT (Xbox 360) takes getting used to, but it proves to be an exciting challenge.

The way the wanted levels work is undoubtedly the most different and more exciting facet of the game; you'll still have the stars that represent more impending doom for each level earned, but outrunning the police is all about escaping the new radius created on your map. Once you are wanted, you'll have a small radius that covers a portion of the city that you'll have to escape if you want the stars to disappear. The higher # of stars, the larger the radius and the more heat you'll have on your character.

The new run-n-cover mechanics work flawlessly. Diving for cover is realistic, smooth, and there's plenty of chances in every mission to utilize areas for duck and cover shooting.

The detail, lushness, and fluidity of this game are beyond description. The radio stations will keep you laughing for hours, the comments from pedestrians, and the story itself is breathtaking to watch. You'll even have choices of who lives or dies, and those choices have an impact on the story. This is a must-have game no one should be without

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