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posted by bslechta (STRUM, WI) May 2, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

game was so so, couldve been better with all the hype that came with it. graphics werent up to 2008 standards. good sgtotry line and great multi player, some things are a pain in the ... like how u might be on a mission and all the sudden 4 cars constantly swerve in front of you for no reason but to make u crash so u have to do the mission 100 times... but not bad

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Great, but not much better than San Andreas

posted by blasphemy (PHILADELPHIA, PA) May 1, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

I only believe this game wasn't much better than San Andreas was because considering the game took about 4+ years and to put it on next gen consoles it didn't take a huge leep in the graphics department. The setting feels more like Montreal with its dark and cold texture. They eliminated one my favorite elements of San Andreas which was working out at the gym and developing your fighting/shooting skills. I thought Booker was emulating Brooklyn but every citizen sound more like Russia. I know if I from Brooklyn I would be disappointed. The story was pretty good, some of the missions however were pretty idiotic. I mean cleaning the streets of drug dealers by killing them randomly and then having a guy video tape the bodies isn't realistic to me (Mission: "Manny"). But overall this game is still the sh!&. I mean it has countless details, the internet alone shocked me. Insted of Myspace they have Myroom its not usable but explorable which is still insane. You can email, set dates and even buy plane tickets. But the unique feature of the game is the Cell Phone! Enough said, and I only achieved 40% of the game so far. Need more playing. see ya

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It's all true...absolutely incredible

posted by HippyVock (SEATTLE, WA) May 1, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2006

Everything everyone says about this game is probably true - each individual system and TV are going to display it differently, but no matter what version you are looking at, you are looking at awesome.

The controls, visuals, voice acting, story, new driving mechanics are all next gen and whether you like the differences or not you'll have to admit what they are works excellently. The combination of free aim and lock-on targeting is a welcome addition and I can't get over how clean and crisp everything looks considering the new scale (people, vehicles and streets are now proportioned more realistically).

I could go on, but if you're reading this less then a year after it came out, I'd rather be playing it. Enjoy.

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