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Grand Theft Auto III


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GF Rating

1536 ratings

Gameplay Controls


Directional buttons: Move around
X button: Accelerate/Sprint (hold down to accelerate car or sprint faster on foot)
Triangle button: Exit/Enter cars (carjack)
Square button:Brake/Jump
Circle button:Shoot (tap or hold down to throw a grenade or molotov cocktail closer or farther)
L2 button: Weapon select
L1 button: Centers camera (on foot) / Change radio stations (in car)
R2 button: Weapon select
R1 button: Target lock-on/Handbrake
Start button: Pause game
Select button: Toggle camera view
Left analog stick (L3 button when pressed down): Moves character in appropriate direction
Right analog Stick (R3 button when pressed down): Rotate camera
L3 button (Left analog stick when pressed down): Horn
R3 button (Right analog stick when pressed down): Look behind (on foot) / Toggle vehicle missions on or off (in car) when entering taxis, police cars, ambulances and firetrucks

Gameplay: Get jobs and start career by going to contacts that will appear on your radar screen. Complete missions and they will contact you with more jobs by phone or pager. You can also travel by subway, train, boat, plane and on foot. Follow your map for clues. Contacts will appear with their first initials on your map, and you can pickup new jobs by going to phones which appear as phone icons on the map. You are the white dot on your map and pink dots indicate the direction you want to head in for mission completion.