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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Valet Parking Asset (San Fierro)

Complete Level 5 of the Valet Parking

Wang Cars Asset (San Fierro)

Complete the missions to get the cars (Located at your main Garage)

Zeros RC Shop Asset

Complete all Zero's missions

Roboi's Food Mart Asset

Complete the 4 levels of deliveries in Los Santos.

Burger Shot Asset

Complete the 4 levels of deliveries in Redsands East, Las Venturas.

Airstrip Asset

Complete all of Toreno's Missions at the Abandoned Airstrip

Wear prisoner outfit

You need a saved game for this. Start a new game, and after the beginning cutscene load your other game. You'll have everything, but you'll still be wearing a prisoner outfit.

Fire Truck Bonus Weapon

While not doing a normal mission, get in a Fire Truck and press R3. There is a Fire Station on each island. Put out 20 fires on each island and a Flame-thrower will always appear at one of your three save points.

Sniper Rifle

Collect 80 Packages


Collect 20 Packages


Complete all the storyline missions and the tank will appear at Phil's place.


Save 35 pedestrians in the ambulance mode and a health refill will appear outside any of your save points.


Save 70 pedestrians in the ambulance mode and an adrenaline pill will appear outside any of your save points.

Infinite Run

Complete the Ambulance level 12 and Infinite Run will be granted.


Collect 30 Packages


Collect 10 Packages


Collect 90 Packages


Collect 60 Packages

Rocket Launcher and $1 Million

Collect 100 Packages


Collect 40 Packages

Hippy Shopper as an asset

Beat the 4 level couriers mission in San Fierro

The Johnson House

Take over your first territories at the end of Los Santos

Burger Shot in LV

complete the LV courier missions

Roboi's Food Mart in LS

complete the LS courier missions


Collect 70 Packages


Collect 50 Packages