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Very Good

Typical GTA amusement

posted by Metoo999 (NEW YORK, NY) Aug 30, 2010

Member since Aug 2007

GTA Episodes provides some good sandbox action with a few caveats.

The Lost and Damned is the less interesting of the two games. The characters are ugly and dirty-looking, and have screechy voices (with which they yell all the time). Its mission are typical GTA missions: "Ride for three minutes and then shoot someone who's making trouble for you." The first mission almost put me off from the whole disc. They give you a garbage shotgun with (obviously) no range, so I used the cheats for some decent firearms. Thankfully the cheats didn't punish the player.

I basically went through the main missions as quickly as possible after finishing BoGT because I wanted to get my rental's worth. The story here is a big bore and I skipped most of the cutscenes.

BoGT is a lot more fun and engaging mostly because of the funny characters and good writing. The missions are crazier and more varied here. The first mission has you hitting golf balls at a guy, then escaping in a golf cart to safety. It leaves a nice first impression. Other missions involve base jumping from helicopters.

The game is at its strongest when you are involved with Tony, but in the second half, you're more involved with other boring gangsters. Elizabeta provides some comic relief though.

It's nice to finally see a non-straight character in a video game not portrayed as an unflattering stereotype. Kudos to Rockstar for having the maturity not to look down on their audience. Unfortunately most of the characters besides Tony are unlikeable, drug-addicted, violent jerks, but it's a gangster game anyway.

Recommended for BoGT, but TLaD is only for major GTA IV fans. Each game has around 15 hours of gameplay.

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GF Rating

Very Good

this game beats out every gta series

posted by JRuiz87 (BROWNSVILLE, TX) Aug 27, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

gta 4 was fun i liked it. it seemed way way more realistic. TBOGT was awesome. the story was awesome well made and the new vehicles and guns are amazing something i never thought would be in gta. next stop a whole new gta one that has all the cities combined. vice city, liberty city and san andreas all in one game and get the chance to fly to each city and stuff. that would be so cool. hey i can but yeah this game was cool the reason why i didnt give this game a ten was cause the lost and dammed really didnt catch my attention i got bored of it the guns were the same and stuff and riding a bike just got me bored. tbogt was way better i liked it way more. i didnt expect it to be this good. rent it for sure rent

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GF Rating


Grand Theft Auto My Own Review.

posted by GtaFan134 (NEW HAVEN, CT) Aug 25, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

Ive Been a Grand Theft Auto Fan For a Long Time But No Other Game Can Compare To GTA!!!! The Graphics Only Are Intense The Way You Shoot People Is As If Its Really Happening And Also The Graphics Of The Cars Defenetly Completes The Game And Finally The Game Has a Hispanic Person. Me Being Hispanic Is Awesome.Grrrrrreat Awesome Game....Better Graphics Prefered For PS3 Not Xbox 360

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