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Worth the rent if you're a fan of GTA4

posted by ZiPpYz (IRVINE, CA) Sep 9, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

This game was fun for what it was. At first I tried TBOGT, and I was thoroughly bored at the cheesiness of it. So I switched to TLAD and It hooked me right from the intro.

I will start with the good stuff first.

TLAD was very fun, riding bikes in a biker gang was awesome and I really got into the story. The action and battle scenes were a thrill. There's nothing like shooting other bikers with a little shotgun while driving at 100mph next to them! In short, I thoroughly enjoyed TLAD the whole way through.

I went back to TBOGT after I finished TLAD recently, and the story and action have really picked up. So I do enjoy both games. To some extent. TBOGT has a lot of funny and interesting characters & missions which TLAD lacks.

What really brings the game down is the terrible technical issues and bugs. First off, the graphics are terrible. The textures are ridiculous and the color schemes are bland. Grass doesn't show up until you're a few yards away! From experience, I played GTA4 on the xbox360 on a normal tv and I thought the graphics looked fantastic (except for trying to read the text). Fast forward a bit with my big HDTV loading this up and the graphics almost made me want to vomit. But I'm not really a graphic kind of guy, if the game is good it doesn't matter.

But it doesn't end there.

The framerate in this game was the absolute worst frame rate in any console game I've ever seen. Maybe it's the copy of my game, but it is ridiculous how choppy the game can get. Not only when there's explosions, but when you go fast in a vehicle too. Bad graphics+bad frame rate=BAD NEWS.

There was also various bugs I ran into. Paramedics past, getting stuck on a bike on light posts, etc.

If you can get over the terrible frame rate and graphics then it's an okay game. Driving is kind of hard at first so it takes some practice to get used to. I would start with TLAD first because TBOGT feels more difficult.

Thanks for reading my review.

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posted by deathlips (AURORA, CO) Sep 7, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

it was a fun game but if you are in to a long story mode you are out of luck it takes 2h of game time to beat bolth storys

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GTA: Episodes From Liberty City

posted by lpcrierie (DUNKIRK, MD) Sep 4, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Apr 2010

This game is just like GTA4 except...

+ New Radio Stations
+ New Characters
+ New Cell Phone features
+ Air Hockey
+ 2 New Mini-Stories
+ A few more trophies
+ Opportunity to work with Niko and see him on the side of the street at times
+ Opportunity to see the male reproductive organ in a cutscene...if you're into that kind of thing.

Nothing too different from GTA4 though.

Average Rating: 7/10

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