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GF Rating

Very Good

Better than the original GTA IV

posted by Lalo619 (OAK LAWN, IL) May 14, 2010

Member since Mar 2009

43 out of 46 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

Honestly this was more fun than the regular GTA IV for three reasons

1. Better weapons especially in the ballad of tony you got a silenced P90, golden Uzi if you complete certain missions, cool night vision sniper that can shoot explosive rounds (cheat code) explosive punches and sticky grenades you can drive next to someone's car and throw one and you control when it explodes
2. Better cars and motorcycles. AND a PARACHUTE so you can finally jump out a helicoper and land safely.
3. Music is way better with new songs and it seems that with the selection of songs that they added that they actually took their time to select the songs.

Overall it was a great game that would have gotten a 10 from me if the stories werent so short about 3-4 hours of gameplay per story

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GF Rating

Very Good

Pretty awesome

posted by tednmu1 (HENDERSON, NV) Jun 26, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

It is so cool how Rockstar can utilize the massive Liberty City open world to plug in different storylines to create a brand new game. I loved every minute of this game. I mean games! Two gta games in one box, wow, thank you rockstar. I completed both lost and damed and ballad of tony before returning this game. New cars new characters, new cut scenes, new story lines, new missions, new weapons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any one who complains about this title is not a true gta fan. As far as im concerned Rockstar can keep plugging more new stories into Liberty City and I will keep renting them and completing them.

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GF Rating


what single player DLC should be

posted by yourdog23 (DENVER, CO) Jul 7, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

9 out of 11 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

To properly evaluate this disc, you really need to know what it is. It's not a full game, but it does stand on it's own, and does not require any other GTA games, but it is very much an expansion to GTA IV. With that said, let me start out by saying that this game is excellent.

If you've played GTA IV, this disc will provide 2 different views of some of the major plot points in GTA IV. If you haven't played GTA IV, don't worry, you just won't see the viewpoint of Niko.

Where GTA IV throws so much into the equation, it does too much as story based content, and not as side missions. This disc fixes that issue, with very little extraneous play being part of the mission story line. There's still plenty to do in side missions on this disc, but what I cared about was the story. The difficulty is ratcheted up from GTA IV in The Lost and the Damned, and then set to more difficult again in The Ballad of G ay Tony. On top of that, TBoGT throws in a scoring mechanism, rating how well you did on certain factors, but you don't see the list until the end. That scoring mechanic was the biggest negative for me (it should have been hidden from view until a second playthrough) in the whole disc, since I needed to use re-tries for a few of the missions, but a re-try invalidates your score.....

If you ignore that nit, the game play is spot on, assuming you like GTA. The story telling from 2 additional sides will make the original story all the more real, and you might even find yourself cheering on some of the NPCs before you're done.

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