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CAnt wait

posted by kyle77357 (FORT WORTH, TX) Nov 23, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

5 out of 25 gamers (20%) found this review helpful

First off i want to say..the game isnt even out yet so the guy who reviewed above either stole a copy or writing some phony review to diss GT5..

Gt4 was pretty i expect great things from gt5 i will update this when the game is open to public

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posted by Charles102 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Nov 23, 2010

Member since Apr 2009

12 out of 31 gamers (39%) found this review helpful

Flat out awsome.

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Very Good

GT5 is cool and all, but better then Split/Second?

posted by Aragorn225 (FREDERICK, MD) Nov 23, 2010

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Member since Nov 2006

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As noted above. Gran Turismo 5 is pretty cool game, verging on fantastic in fact, but racing games like Split/Second outran (or should i say outdrove?) it on the coolness factor. Here's my personal reasons why:

Gameplay: Nothing really different, hop in a fancy car, drive around, abide or don't abide the speed limits, be chased by the coppers, or take place in racing events which grant you more money that can be spent on new rides. Relaxing gameplay and fun, but S/S took racing to a new level. Did GT5 have any explosions, or even, maybe, crashing airplanes? Nope, not that i can see. Maybe their invisible?

Storyline: None at all, you're a racer, remember? Not a hero from outerspace coming to save Earth from evil aliens, or in this case, annoying race commentators?

Sound/Graphics: This is why i gave it an 8, because the Graohics and Sound Quality are superb and above average. Like S/S, graphics definitly outrule sound, but that's nothing bad, right? So yeah, GT5 did good on the picture and sound. Great job, SOE!

Conclusion: With tons of cars and a wide enviroment to play in, GT5 isn't bad at all, but i'd rather play S/S in my spare time then i would GT5. Now i admit, i did have limited time to review this game, as i was already busy playing the fantastic Dragon Age: Origins, which is an RPG (that's role-playing-game, to you Mr. Fancy pants!) with dark and rich fantasy settings. Totaly reccomend it, along with Split/Second and Gran Turismo 5!

:foondrink: to anyone who plays DA:O, S/S and possibly GT5!

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