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bad disk

posted by donramsfan (TUCSON, AZ) Mar 28, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

this is not a review of the game but the condition of the disk i got. it was chipped and scratched. the parts i could play was cool but mostly froze up. its hard to rate a game that you cant play sent it back the same day i got it.

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GF Rating


great game

posted by zlariviere20 (WOONSOCKET, RI) Nov 18, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

everything about this game is great i have only two complaints one is not being able to use the triggers as gas and brakes instead you are forced to use x and o which makes it alot harder to control throttle and brake and second major major problem is when playign in b-spec the computer is so dam stupid but ofcourse not the ones you race against just the one thats supposed to race for you for example i have given my driver a car that is twice as powerful as the cars its racing and when i did the same exact race with the same exact car in a-spec i take turns at 200mph+ and compleetely blow everyone away while hitting walls repeatedly along the way while the a.i. b-spec driver takes those same turns At 150mph- , doesnt pass other drives when i do the overtake command instead just keeps ramming the back of other cars instead of simply going around sometimes driver will fly ahead into first place then randomly for no reason slow down and let like 6 drivers pass after being in first place for a 30 min race lets every pass for no reason shortly before the end of the race when like i said the car being used is twice as fast and manuverable than the cars its racing against making b-spec extremely hard to complete i feel ashamed to say it but id rather play forza except my pos 360 died after a month i only prefer gt becuase its more realistic drving but those two flaws bug the bleep outa me if you dnt feel liek those two things are a problem for you then this game is 100% perfect for you

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GF Rating

Very Good

A Must Have!

posted by ShaggyCW1 (DAYTON, OH) Mar 9, 2013

Member since Jul 2012

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This game is so smooth. From the opening scene and music this game just grabs you and pulls you in. It keeps you very active as you move through the races and the cars are still just unbelievable! But this is always a gimmie with this game. What we really want to see is if they can keep with the way the game handles. They can! Every car delivers different power and control. Then as you upgrade and adjust your cars they react differently per your changes. It just feels like a real experience. Great game overall. What I love about the game is the search and find for particular vehicles to participate in certain races. Just a great game!

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