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Very Good

Loved it but had some hicups!

posted by Animator22 (SAN JOSE, CA) Dec 7, 2010

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Member since Mar 2009

Reading some of the reviews already posted and I have to agree with some of them. The A-Spec events can get a little easy if you select a fast enough car to use. Some cars you want or need can cost millions and you would have to repeat races over and over just to get one car that's if you don't spend any of your credits but you kind of have to for upgrades (If you really want to win). For example you can't play any of the F1 races without an F1 car and the cheapest one I found was 12,500,000. That's a little extreme for a car your required to get unless there's a free one you get for completing an event but I haven't found it yet. Some of the special events and licenses I believe are set a little 2 high. I love any racing game and a challenge but I'm not an expert. I'm certainly experienced but I shouldn't have to kill myself with frustration just to get a gold on one event. Its fine to make it challenging but draw the line. I'm just glad I'm done with the ones I've done and I never have to do them again. In the challenges and licenses you are given a car that you can't tune. so you should be able to do it but you can't. You just need that 1 lucky run.

I also believe B-Spec could use some fine tuning. Half the time the AI driver just wont do what I say. I say pass but he just stays on his bumper. He starts to pass on the inside but slows way down and allows the other AI to pass on the outside even if you give him a faster car he still wont pass unless its a clear straightway. They just slow down way too much.

I truly hated that there's is NO friend invite. you can make a room but can't invite a friend.

Even though I'm doing some races over and over for credits to buy cars I need to finish off the last of the races I have left to complete in A-Spec, its still too fun to put down and I've had it since the release. Its also fun to try different cars on races that have no restrictions.

The game really tries to push you to drive harder. And I like that!

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GF Rating


GT 5

posted by mantisjr (ELLENWOOD, GA) Dec 7, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

This game is excellent graphics are great physics damage, and the cars are very detailed. In GT mode u start out with 20 grand and u can buy 1 car with tht. But as u progress through the game u can buy more cars with the credits u earn. if u win you'll usally get 3000 credits. So if u like racing simulations get this Game

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by prkwydrive (FARGO, ND) Dec 6, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

great game as with all Gran Turismo's, but the load time from screen to screen just kills it for me. Classic game with the classic cars!! 8 of 10

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