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pretty badass game

posted by kbodin1 (LYNN, MA) Dec 9, 2010

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I found this game fast paced, and i love all the cars you can pick from. I didnt like the 25 minutes it took to load the game before playing, but once it was over it was well worth it. I liked getting a normal car and staring to build it up, but to be honest i wanted to race the nascars first but you have to earn $500,000 dollars to do so and that would take a long time of playing. I played the game for about 4 hours and came no where close to having enough to buy a nascar. But i still had alot of fun. It would have been better to have a 3rd person view of the car you were driving instead of the 1st person view, that's why i didnt give the game a 10 rating, if it was 3rd person view it would have gotten the 10 believe me. This is a must have for all racing fans. When the price goes down, i'm buying it.

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Loving it!

posted by NATTDOGG (SPENCER, WV) Dec 8, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

I completely agree with anyone that disagrees with other people over comparing the game to Dirt 2 or Split/Second. This game is a driving simulator. Split/Second doesn't even have trademarked vehicles! I mean come on people, really. I will agree that GT5 is a challenge to master, but that is because it is a driving simulator. It is a game of challenge and strategy and there is no other game like it to compare it to. If you compare it to maybe Forza Motorsports, that would be fine because that is Xbox's best competitor to Gran-Turismo. Forza is also a driving simulator and is almost just as good.

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GF Rating


Wheel not included

posted by Slice985 (LOUISVILLE, KY) Dec 7, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

"A Present of solid gold wrapped in rose thorns"

I got into GT at number 2, it was an eye opening amazing game and I never could get into 3, 4 and 5 as much as I was into 2.

As a comparison we will put this game up against another of my favorites, GRID. GRID seems alot more polished, alot more friendly and welcoming then Gran Turismo. The game even says hello with your name to you. The racing in Grid is more intense and adrenalin inducing and the game flows in seasons so you feel like time is passing and you can compare your seasons against each other.

In Gran Turismo there is no real season racing, you get a small choice of races and none of them are "season" where you get to race like 20 races like a real professional driver. The liscence test are madeningly difficult. Well the level 10 ones where you have to do a race without touching another car.

When you win a "series" of 1-3 races you get a free car, but wait for it to load and you have to click the button that you accept the free car (like you would turn something down) then it loads and it shows you the car you got. you gotta accept that, then after that it ask if you wanna drive it then it loads. The whole process is an example of the game itself. Unpolished, unfriendly.

And the game is not as intense as Grid, mostly because there is always the driving line, I recommend turning it off. However once you get into the game and start driving its a whole other level of experience and is amazing. Sadly you have to endure this amazing present packaged in rose thorns.

That being said get a steering wheel. the controller doesn't let you get the real meat of the game

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