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GF Rating


Slamming Sweet, Detailed, True Driving Experiance

posted by Toreup (Bettendorf, IA) Jan 31, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

A Must rent, You will probably just want to keep this game though!
No major downfalls, some acpects are Very hard and thats not much to complain about.

Great Grafics, the B-spec mode give you the ability to play w/o actually doing much work so you can enjoy without it completely enveloping your time. Ex. I'm even playing B-Spec in the 'RUF BTR '86' right now in a race while checking e-mailes and reviewing this sweet game.

The Car selection is huge there is a good amount of customization for each vehicle as well.

A BIg NOTe TOo!, You can use the regular controller and have a good time too! though a Wheel is recomended.

This is likely to be a keeper, the series doesn't drown the marketplace with a new game every 6-18 months like EVERY other Game Title so there will likely not be a new one entirely for many years.

ENJOY! Solid 8-9 game,
~ full trophy completion is well over 600 hours so do not tie up money and games renting this if you plan on playing it even 1/2 that! ~

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GF Rating

Above Average

what the heck

posted by TampaDogg (TAMPA, FL) Dec 2, 2010

Member since Sep 2008

18 out of 34 gamers (53%) found this review helpful

There is nothing groundbreaking or even that new to the series. With that said my only two real complaints about the game is.

1 The leveling system is so lame. Why do you have to be a certain level to buy a car or advance. I am at level 20 and am now having to grind experience points to get to the next race by redoing races i've already beaten. This is not an RPG it's a racing game.

2 Everything you do takes forever. They didn't spend and extra hour or two in five years to make short cuts two the different menus. So you spend half your time loading up five screens to do one thing. Not to mention when you win a car you have to go to the delivery truck say you want the car, wait for them to show it to you, and then decide if you want to drive it. ugg enough!!!

All said this is the same game as GT4 but way more annoying.

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GF Rating


Less than what was expected

posted by Agrabou2 (MELBOURNE, FL) Jan 26, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

5 out of 9 gamers (56%) found this review helpful

When I rented this game, I came in thinking I was going to buy this after I made sure the disk worked. I put in the game, waited for the loading the disk in, and started up the game. I came in knowing this was a simulation, and the graphics on the cars were amazing. Some big problems I noticed were that, when I tried to see the "realistic damage", there was none at all on the beginner cars. Apparently, only the premium cars could have exstensive damage, which I believe is stupid. Maybe if they focused more on damage than the number of cars, they may have gotten most down. In fact, the AI were completely resistant to being pushed out of the way. The track creator was cool, being able to make segments wider or shorter, I just wish you had the ability to make the curves yourself, but still, very good. The physics were good for me on dirt and snow tracks, but the cars seemed overly gripped on the asphalt and concrete tracks. I'm a big NASCAR fan, and wasn't expecting as much from GT5 for that part, but, the damage was miniscule. All in all, the game was pretty good, but nowhere near as great as the hype and expectations let it seem to be.

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