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posted by ShaggyCW1 (DAYTON, OH) Mar 9, 2013

Member since Jul 2012

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This game is so smooth. From the opening scene and music this game just grabs you and pulls you in. It keeps you very active as you move through the races and the cars are still just unbelievable! But this is always a gimmie with this game. What we really want to see is if they can keep with the way the game handles. They can! Every car delivers different power and control. Then as you upgrade and adjust your cars they react differently per your changes. It just feels like a real experience. Great game overall. What I love about the game is the search and find for particular vehicles to participate in certain races. Just a great game!

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posted by L0STSA1NT (BRENHAM, TX) Nov 29, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

69 out of 84 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

If reviews pop up with people comparing this game to DIRT 2 they clearly have never played a Gran Turismo game before. If you enjoyed previous Gran Turismo games then you will enjoy this game. It is a clone of previous versions with little changed other than graphics.

For the people writing reviews saying that the vehicles are nearly impossible to control. YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO DRIVE IN THIS GAME. I remember LEARNING how to drive in the first GT game and feeling very rewarded for the effort I put into that process. If this is your first GT game you need to do the license tests and actually read them. You are supposed to break prior to the turn and stay off the gas until you reach the apex of the turn to accelerate out.

This is the meat of GT5, you have to be able to control your vehicle from it's highest speeds to its lowest while keeping the vehicle tuned to get the most out of it. The more you play the game the easier it is to FEEL the car under you. If you are getting a bit of slip from the tires, you can switch them out for more grip. If you getting toasted in the long straights, you can adjust your gear ratios to get more top end speed. The amount of tweaking that you can do to each car is amazing.

The depth of custimization is the only thing that keeps me coming back. Even with that depth I would prefer to focus on 1 car, but the game is designed to make you constantly purchase new vehicles for the different events. I hate changing vehicles and there are not enough open races where you can enjoy YOUR car in a variety of settings.

As I work my way through the different events, challenges, and licenses; I cannot help but feel like I am playing to finish things rather than enjoying the journey through my career. It is starting to feel stale like I have done it all before. The GT series needs something new to make it feel more like a game than a job.

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Excellence in Simulation

posted by SweaterCat (RIEGELWOOD, NC) Apr 21, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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Although I'm not a huge racing genre junkie, I have to admit GT5 is the most complete game in that genre. I consider it the BlackOps for racing games being that it is so versatile. You can either dip your toes in the kiddie pool with the difficulty lvl turned down or dive in the deep end and play online Multiplayer with some of the best online drivers in the world. Hard to come up with a real weakness for this game. If you're a diehard GT fan don't even waste your time renting it. Buy it with confidence because I GUARANTEE massive hours of gameplay.


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