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The guy before me said it best.(Damage DLC coming)

posted by helghast88 (LINCOLN, RI) Apr 22, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

Yes folks, indeed technically this is only just a beefed up Demo, but it is the most kick-anus demo you will ever play. And as the review above states, its a really good taste of whats to come with GT5. This is the closest you can get to driving any of these cars without getting behind the wheel. The physics are more spot-on than people may first assume, considering they take in account drive train of the car, engine placement, size, not just the weight of the vehicle. And im sure everyone has seen how gorgeous everything is put together.
Another thing that is great about this pretty piece of software is how you can earn money through racing online. And also a damage add-on package will be showing up in the PSstore sometime in the fall/late that should make it an even better mouth watering preview of the greatest sports car simulation EveR.

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posted by kontrolas (HYDE PARK, MA) Apr 22, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

I just pick up my copy yesterday and I am loving it. Been missing this now for a while. Played a couple of beginners courses off/online and it feels right. The controls are real repossive, better than they ever been and the cars feel like real cars. The AI can be a little too aggressive but it's all good. I am learning how they do.

So far I only have 2 cars in my garage (Golf GTI/Integra R-type) and got my eyes on that Ferrari F. Gonna get on my grind and stack up my collection meaning serious hours are gonna be spent on this.

The couple of online game I played was competitive. I like the fact that games played online can go toward your credit offline to cop more whips! Cats that don’t know how to drive acting like this Motorstorm are ruining It though. I can’t wait for that damage patch to come in. It’s gonna make the gameplay shift to more a realistic driving style. A style I like. No more ramming in the back of my joint at 120mph. They’ll know better. I know Polyphony is gonna make right so I have no worries. They’re doing an excellent job on this game already.

A couple of things I didn’t like online is being assigned to random lobbies and not being able to create a room to invite friends. I am sure all that will be settled when the final product hits the shelf. The got whole year to do it cause I know this is not gonna drop until mid 09 the earliest. So far so good though.

Ooo and the graphics look amazing especially on a 1080p set. No jaggies. Bright crisp colors, nice environmental effects—I also herd that there are going to be weather effects like rain and fog in the final version, gonna be crazy—HDR is just right especially when coming out of tunnels and we already know about the car models. Breath taking really.

I wish I could have been able to form leagues for this. Seems like that might have to wait for the actual game. All good. This will definitely hold me down for awhile.

Can't wait for the fall for that patch.

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It's a good game!

posted by jouannaman (HACKENSACK, NJ) Apr 22, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

It's a good game but virtually the same graphics as the free GT HD concept. Of course it is much more expanded than that, but overall I think the game is alright. I wouldn't keep it or anything and I probably could wait another year for the full version, so I dont have to waste my time with this one.

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