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posted by knighted (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Apr 17, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

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$40.00 FOR A DEMO?!?!? That's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. If you buy this, your a complete fool.. and your only contributing to Sony's ego. Hear me out here.. Demo's should be FREE. And not only that, its kind of like eating dessert before dinner.. it's only gonna spoil your appetite for the main course. Why are they selling this 40 dollar demo..? Because Sony knows that theres people out there with more money than brain cells.. and instead of focusing on THEIR JOB.. which would be.. hmm, i dont know.. ahhh COMPLETING THE #!?# GAME! They decide to waste resources and time getting this worthless 40 dollar demo ready. And in the middle of a recession no less... Now, their maybe some folks out there that disagree with me, and thats totally cool.. after all this is America. But, come on.. 40 bucks.. am I the only one here who thinks this is ignorant? This better be the longest, most enthralling demo ever created. Thanks for reading my review, and save your money.. cause if the demo costs 40 bucks.. then that means the game will probably retail for around $300.00.

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It may be just a demo...

posted by LoneOne29 (HENRICO, VA) Apr 18, 2008

Member since Mar 2006

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but, to me, it's worth $40. Heck, as nice as this looks and how good the gameplay is, I'd pay $60 for it. Visually, this game is amazing. The opening movie was awe-inspiring. This game has definitely taken the Gran Turismo series to the next level in photorealism. I'm not sure how it looks on a standard def. television, but on my 26" LCD, it was stunning. And this game is capable of 1080p, so I can only imagine what it looks at full resolution.

As far as gameplay is concerned, it's solid. The controls are completely customizable so no worries about being locked down with a certain control scheme, like so many other titles. The menus are fluid and easy to navigate. And, every car is unique in how it handles and feels on the track. It'll take a little time to find the best car for how you drive on each track. Each race awards you with points to purchase new vehicles. The points are higher on the online races and dealership events, but you have to fight for those extra points.

The online gameplay is fluid. You select the kind of race you wish to run, pick your car if you're not driving the right class, and wait while the game matches you to other players and connections. The number of players depends on how good your internet connection is. This is the first time a Gran Turismo game had online capabilities and I have to say that they nailed it on the first go. I have yet to have any lag issues and the competition is fierce.

My only gripe with the game is the lack of customization with the cars like in previous titles. But, this is a small complaint because Gran Turismo 5 is due next year, which I'm sure will have that capability. But overall, this game may not have as much to offer as other racing games, but what you do get is a great racing game with fluid gameplay and a polished look. We're starting to see what the PS3 can do. I won't say this is a must rent. This is a MUST BUY!

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Gran Turismo fanboys BEWARE!

posted by fightfan31 (JOLIET, IL) Sep 26, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

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Sorry, let me preface this by saying I am a huge fan of the GT series all the way back to PSone. That being said I think I would have had way more fun slamming my balls in a car door than trying to play this thing.
It looks great, sounds awesome and the cars handle pretty well. That's about all the praise I can muster for "prologue".
I got this game yesterday(a little late after it was released, but i'm kinda still addicted to COD4) and it was back in the shipping container at about 11:30 this morning. My brother and I spent about 2 hours breezing through the C class races and I blazed through 90% of the B class this morning. All of a sudden I got to a race that had me beaten:the Honda Integra-only race where you get 1 lap to pass 15 other cars. This race kicked my azz for over an hour before i finally got so p1ssed off that i put the da mn game back in it's sleeve and dropped it in the mail.....god i hope this was just some scheme by polyPHONY digital to fleece their pockets and not an indication of what's to come for the real game. I think anybody who paid money for this piece of cr ap should be able to download the full game for free when it comes out!That is of course assuming that it will be less of a tur d than "prologue" ha! fat chance!

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